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Dark Journalist: Catherine Austin Fitts - The UFO Economy


What does the economy, surveillance, advanced technology, a secret space program, NASA and the covert finance world have to do with the UFOs flying in our airspace?

Join Dark Journalist and Former Assistant Housing Secretary/Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts in this groundbreaking overview of the darkest secret of the Black Budget: The UFO Economy!

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One thing she mentioned was interesting,

Is the PTB having a "control" file as a means to get what they want from the people, just like J.Edgar hoover did. That may explain a whole lot about misreporting and non reporting.

Great Point

it's hard for us to imagine the serious pressure some of these guys are under...

I thought the interviewer was about ready to . . .

fall asleep towards the end, but maybe he's just a 'mellow fellow'.

Very thought-provoking.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Thought Provoking

is right, lots to ponder here indeed...

almost finished . . .


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Can I get an outline?

This is all . . .

completely new to me.


I have heard/read some really 'fringe' things, but this is very unexpected.

Do I laugh at it? No, not at all. I have had a sense for a very long time that money is disappearing for unknown purposes.

When I try to talk to people who have conventional political ideas about it, *they* always suggest that it is being lost to the inner city poor, which I find difficult to accept.

I know some poor people, and they aren't draining anyone of anything. If anything, most of those are paying more for all their goods and services than people with more money--

so I can't believe that the money that is being siphoned off is all going to the very poor.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The poor

are always the best scapegoats in our society...

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This is a great interview

I like her common sense on the slow burn theory. I have been hearing about collapse on and off my entire life. It gets old. It is slowly burning. And that is because while they can only control the dollar to a certain extent, they can control it a lot, and they aren’t going to let it collapse. Not with the need for black box budgets. It's engineered.

There will never be complete fiscal transparency because there is too much to keep hidden.

UFO’s do not have to mean spaceships from mars with little green men manning the control pit. It is simply unidentified flying objects. Some of which we probably create.

Anyways…she is treading in dangerous territory.


Really excellent breakdown there in your comments of what this interview is all about...

I've been listening to and

I've been listening to and posting Joseph Farrell and Richard Dolan for years but most of my posts just get ignored here. They always get thrown into the conspiracy bin and are shrugged upon because by some definition its not "liberty."

What is liberty? Well for one truth is part of it.

Glad to see that Nystrom is taking notice. I saw Richard Dolan speak at the Project Camelot Awake and Aware conference and he is great but I can assure you there are even more interesting speakers out there.

I can make a list by request.


Dolan is one of the better ones out there.

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Richard Dolan



- - - -

She links the black box budget to the UFO economy.

The reason I'm willing to continue listening is that the black box budget of the CIA has always been a mystery. How can it be that Congress appropriates and budgets funds for that organization, yet not be allowed to know what they're doing with those trillions of dollars?

How many trillions did Rumsfeld announce the Pentagon had lost on 9/10/2001? Oh right, $2.3 trillion.


Where did that money go? I take it that is what she is talking about.

Timing is everything...

Do you think that little speech by Rummy the day before 9/11 was coincidental? That little black hole the money fell into would easily pay for an "un"military exercise like flying planes into buildings. Just tossing an idea out there.

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I know - I thought about that too

But if that is the case, why would he bother to make the little speech at all?

Now it is on the record that the Pentagon lost $2.3 trillion. Can't find it, can't account for it.

Why bring something up only to flush it down the memory hole? Why not just keep mum about it in the first place.

The idea of black box budgets is ridiculous. For all we know, Osama bin Laden never left the CIA's payroll. Maybe he's still on it. Who knows.

The problem is that secrecy breeds "conspiracy" theories, and the black box budgets of the CIA are big , big, big secrets.

Did I mention how big they are? They're big.

Actually Rumsfeld didn't announce the missing 2.3 trillion

He didn't announce the 2.3 trillion the day before, he mentioned it the day before but it was announced months before in the FY 1999 audit report. It was reported in the media, and denounced by congressmen, including Fred Thompson, before Rumsfeld mentioned it.

And all that was announced months before was that the cumulative total had reached 2.3 trillion, because it was an ongoing problem (2.3 trillion was more than the entire budget in 1999) and previous fiscal reports report the same problem, year after year, with the number growing each year. Nor did whatever records were destroyed in the Pentagon make the problem go away. Subsequent years saw the problem get even worse. It's up to 8.5 trillion now:

That's not to say that this isn't part of how black box budgets are funded, that would certainly explain why this problem has existed for a long time (as long as they've been doing the audits) and there's so much resistance to changing the system. Just that the problem existed long before 9/11, continued after 9/11, and Rumsfeld didn't say anything the day before 9/11 that wasn't already widely known. Rumsfeld made that speech to advocate for better auditing systems -- whether disingenuously or not is another question.


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I wan't planning on having my mind blown this Thursday afternoon

But one never knows when that will happen these days...

She mentioned Joseph Farrell. A quick Google search leads to his book:

Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations Paperback

Oxford-educated historian Farrell continues his best-selling book series on suppressed technology, Nazi survival and the postwar psyops with his new book Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops. Farrell discusses SS Commando Otto Skorzeny; George Adamski; the alleged Hannebu and Vril craft of the Third Reich; The Strange Case of Dr. Hermann Oberth; Nazis in the US and their connections to "UFO contactees;” The Memes-an idea or behavior spread from person to person within a culture-are Implants; Adamski's ET Message: The Danger of Weaponized Gravity; and tons more.

Continuing to listen to Catherine. I'm along for the ride based on the incredible sense she has made in previous interviews. But this is most unusual.

Against my will I went there, she says. It is incredible where an open mind will take you.

The UFO Economy?

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Joseph Farrell

Joseph Farrell has his own youtube channel. I've only listened
a few times. But I find he has analysis that no one else seems to
go over.

Here's an example of one his recent uploads.


Two shorten the road.

Re: Farrell

Here is a DJ Interview with Farrell on the Breakaway Civilization topic:


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And another - Black Money

As they probe deep into the heart of a mysterious electronic network and into the brain of a supercomputer called JEDI, an unlikely group of heroes uncovers a web of conspiracy, money laundering, power politics, and cover-up.


And a movie

I've got that one on audio cassette.

It's good.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

Great Book

ahead of its time...

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Is this a joke?

I just started listening.

I must admit, I feel a bit confused. I've never heard her talk about UFOs before...


She does discuss UFOs and their relevance to the Black Budget as a key component to secrecy. Fitts is a big picture kind of researcher for sure, if you listen to the full interview I'm sure it will definitely flesh out some of the complexities.

good interview, its like Project Camelot without the crazies

good interview, its like Project Camelot without the crazies

Its going to be hard to prove there is a black budget if we dont even have any proof of the billions of dollars of UFO hardware floating around out there.


I agree all around with your comments...

Watch In HD

Just set YouTube player to 720p. It's in the lower right hand corner.