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Rand Paul: "Clapper should be tried for perjury"

Washington Post: Rand Paul calls for bipartisan committee to investigate intelligence agencies

"Edward Snowden did break the law, but so did James Clapper. I don't think that there has been enough criticism of Clapper," Paul said, later adding: "History will decide who is hero and who is villain. Clapper lied in the name of secrecy. Snowden told truth in the name of privacy."

Asked later if Clapper should be sent to prison, Paul responded: "I think Clapper should be tried for perjury."


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Snowden didn't break the law.

Evil should never be classified.

Regarding our public employees, NOTHING should be classified.

The public should be vigilant, always; the public should be all-knowing of its employees' actions, so the public may be properly responsible.

No Rand...

Snowden followed a higher law: the Constitution. Couldn't agree with you more about Clapper though. He shouldn't just be charged with perjury, but also for all the other illegal things the NSA did on his watch.

Will the next setting Congress person please stand up

& call Clapper to be tried for perjury

"Clapper lied in the name of secrecy."

"Clapper lied in the name of secrecy. Snowden told truth in the name of privacy."

What a great quote.

Out There

Rand is REALLY sticking his neck out here guys. No one dares take-on the intelligence community. Kennedy said he wanted to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces... And we no the rest of that story.



I'm glad he said that last thing

"Clapper lied in the name of secrecy. Snowden told truth in the name of privacy."

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I really hope this clears

I really hope this clears things up for a few of you.

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Rand is still an opportunist - that much is clear

I support Liberty, and anyone who stands for it, I will support their position.

Just because someone says something you agree with doesn't mean you have to be scotch-taped to them at the hip for life.

If Ted Cruz says something for Liberty, or Hillary Clinton for that matter, I will support whatever it is they say as well.

Politicians are self interested creatures. You think Rand doesn't have any self interest? You think Ron didn't? Then you are naive and not paying attention.

Some people here are naive. I was too.

Don't sell yourself so cheaply. Especially not to a politician.

About Marketing: What You Said A Few Days Ago Is Soooo True

Rand Paul has learned the principles of marketing himself..


Just being a politician doesn't make you evil either, that's the opposite end of the same argument. It's group think.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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"Evil" is not a factor in

"Evil" is not a factor in this. That is the naive view. The mature view is understanding that ALL people are self-interested and how your sel-interests are aligned with the self-interests of others. Because you will find as you go through the many stages and changes of your life that those 'alignments' change.

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I still see it this way

One lied and broke the law,violated the const,and the american people
One was said to have broken the law,but that law was already broken
by clapper
In the middle is the fed gov,who knew they would be violating the rights of the people,and the const,so they put in place laws to protect themselves if and when it was found out..and it was
Much like pharma getting immunities because their products cause harm,and both of them knew it.Or them phone providers given immunity for spying for the fed gov
Anyways,just my nickles worth :)

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