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Who rebuted Victor Aguilar?

Thanks for the help (www.dailypaul.com/node/30969) in locating the Austrian's rebuttals to Paul Krugman's paper, "The Hangover Theory." Krugman's paper was very weak - you guys tore him apart.

In 2004 Victor Aguilar wrote a paper titled "Critique of Austrian Economics" at www.axiomaticeconomics.com/critiques.php

It appears to be stronger (or at least longer) than Krugman's paper. Could someone please tell me which Austrian economist wrote the rebuttal?

I know that, in 2007, Aguilar paid Robert Murphy $1000 for a rebuttal and posted it and his own reply at www.axiomaticeconomics.com/rebuttals.php

Are the Austrians satisfied with that? Aguilar seems to think he won.

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They knew who had rebutted Krugman

When I asked which Austrian economist had rebutted Paul Krugman's "Hangover Theory" paper I got over a dozen responses and as many links, mostly to www.mises.org

I think the people posting on the Daily Paul forum know quite a lot about what has been posted on www.mises.org The problem is that there AREN'T any rebuttals of Victor Aguilar at www.mises.org

Hmm.... I wonder why that is?

Could it be that the economists at www.mises.org don't know how to rebut Aguilar?

Not sure what posters here can do....

Not to dismiss your post, but most people here are novices in Austrian economics. I think the best place to post something like this would be mises.org forums.

If there is a specific economic issue you would like to discuss, we could be of more help.

Where do I know you from?

Hi, Former Thompson Supporter, we have something in common - can you guess what it is? (Ha! Ha!)

I remember Victor Aguilar from the www.draftfredthompson.com forum. His link to "War between the Mice and the Weasels" was a big hit. I think he had over a thousand visits. That may not seem like a lot at Daily Paul, but FT had far fewer online supporters than RP does.

Aguilar is trying to pressure Roger Garrison into writting a rebuttal to his Critique of Austrian Economics, www.axiomaticeconomics.com/critiques.php

What's with these Austrians? Don't they believe in responding to criticism? If Garrison is really their leader now that Rothbard is dead, I would think he would WANT to defend his economic theory.