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Freaked by Fluoride!

Hey Guys,

I had the chance to speak with Chris Maple, who if you are not familiar with, is the Co-Producer of the documentary "The Great Culling". His documentary explores how the fluoridated water we drink is harming us on a daily basis. Chris tells us about how these chemicals are used as a form of biological control of the population by the controlling elite.

I look at this whole fluoridation mess as an infringement on our basic human rights. What you think? Is it safe to drink the water, or are we just all drinking the Kool-aid?



I made this video as a starting off point for those who are unfamiliar with the mandatary fluoridation of our water supply. I hope people do more research on their own after watching mine. Also really check out Chris' documentary its posted in the description of my video.

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I forgot to mention / add in the video that Fluoride is added to certain foods we are consuming as well. (cheerios has a lot)

The only difference is those products aren't forced onto us. We have no choice where we receive our running water and in some places across the states it has become illegal to live "off the grid".

Here in San Diego

we resisted fluoridation of our water supply for decades. Every time we turned around it was showing up on the ballot and got voted down by huge margins. Finally, a year and a half or so, California mandated that San Diego add it to the water supply. I went out and spent $2K for a whole house water filter to take it back out. Why should I have to do that in order to get pure drinking water when I'm paying for water already? Whether or not all of the things that are being said about fluoride are true it IS true that I, and everybody else as well, should have a choice as to whether or not we're going to be ingesting medications through our water supply. Especially untested and unapproved chemicals. I find it absolutely unconscionable that people could force feed you chemicals against your will or without your consent, no matter how much they think that you should want them. DISGUSTING!

Another documentary about fluoridation

"Fire Water"

I'm not quite sure what to think about fluoridation. Apparently the fluoride used in drinking water is not pure fluoride, it's a fluoride-containing compound which is actually a byproduct of the aluminum industry, which prior to mandatory fluoridation was considered waste, and which companies had to pay to dispose of: and now they're being paid to dump it onto the drinking water...a little sketchy, eh? That, coupled with the *fact* that fluoride has no dental benefit for adult teeth (it is only absorbed in juvenile teeth), suggests to me that (at the very least), fluoridation is a scam designed to profit politically connected industries.

But as for the theory that fluoride "dumbs down" the population, and that it's being put into the water for precisely that purpose, I could believe that (I put nothing past this government), but I have yet to see any actual *evidence* that fluoride has this effect. I've seen people claim that the Nazis and/or Soviets used fluoridated water in their concentration camps...but again, I've seen no actual evidence of this.

Anyway, thanks for posting josh, I'm going to watch that documentary.

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Yes, as a drug delivery

Yes, as a drug delivery method, floridated water sucks. You only end up with a small amount actually adhereing to your teeth and the rest gets swallowed.
Although I have to disagree with the idea that it isnt absorbed by adult teeth. Your teeth are always in a state of repair when it comes to small erosion etc. Obviously this process leaves alot to be desired though, but it does exist despite the fact that its insisted upon that teeth do not regenerate period; that is only partially true in that your teeth wont recover from massive damage on their own and only a small amount of erosion will regenerate with a bit of help.

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