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Ben Swann Exposes RT Anchor

On March 20 2014, Ben Swann explains why he is skeptic of the situation with RT's Anchor Liz Walh resigning.


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@ 58 min mark

@ 58 min mark

Ben's RT Article from 3/21/14

Was RT Anchor Resigning On-Air A Stunt Coordinated With The Guy Who Created “Ron Paul Racist Newsletter” Scandal?

Read more: http://benswann.com/was-rt-anchor-resigning-on-air-a-stunt-c...

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I think I'm missing something?.....

Why is this publicity stunt more important than getting law enforcement and public officials to follow the Constitution nationwide?

For 6+ months the DP had numerous stories about police abuse. We all wanted something done about it. Now that we're told how to do that, no one is talking about it.

Ben's podcast above is the same one posted here:

I've watched for 17+ hours this thread get voted from 0 to 31; while this linked one has 3.

He said what the sheriffs are doing here is CRITICAL and that's why he is helping.

That was at least an hour of the show. This RT stunt was what? 10-20 min? I thought it was a side thing at the close of the show?

So at present, 31 people think 1-5 lying people is more important than the hundred millions in our nation? I don't see any posts about any of the rest of the show, where Ben did a SUPER job, btw. (Thanks, Ben!)

So....why is this so important? Can someone please tell me?

[I feel like we're talking about Miley Cyrus gossip.]

AND HERE! http://www.dailypaul.com/314883/ben-swann-on-crimea-ukraine

Yet, Ben is a terrible person for needing to make a living while helping the cause:


And these threads could have seen a lot more good action:

Fundraiser: http://www.dailypaul.com/314397/do-you-know-ben-swann



I have 3 more things I wanna say because I find all this upsetting; but I won't... even tho' they are factual statements... because this is a public forum and divide is not good or productive.

It seems many are still uninformed....and... :(

There's always more than one thing going on

By all means make a post about it



It's posted right above yours!!!





This is who james kirchick went to first for the

BS newsletter story (Tucker Carlson)

Pimping for Paul: A Case Study in Media Bias


^^^^^^^Must See if you have not seen it^^^^^^^^


minute 58:00.

Tune in M-F...

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Today marks the end of week 2 - I think Ben's radio show will explode in popularity before too long!

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Ben Swann Radio show?

I'm most surprised I didn't know Ben Swann was doing a radio show. Glad to hear it!

Thank You Ben Swann. Here Is One Other Tidbit

The new republic magazine, that Mr. Swann mentioned, is a publication put out by;
"The John Birch Society", which is paid for by Koch brothers money.
Who are the Koch brothers you might ask?

They have a multi billion dollar international business which I would classify as "New World Order" leaning. Their father founded The John Birch Society. Many local John Birch members in my area went to Ron Paul meet ups, but never registered as republicans and were ineligible to vote in the Ron Paul republican primaries in Oregon,since Oregon is a "closed" voting state.
{Meaning only registered republicans or democrats would receive mailed primary ballots}


No, the JBS is anti New World

No, the JBS is anti New World Order. That is the whole point of it.
They publish the 'New American' not the New Republic.
Most of the serious Paul supporters in my area are JBS members.

The JBS was founded by Robert Welch, NOT the Koch family.

Thanks For Your Reply.

I still think the JBS has been co-opted, at least in my area.
They all, as far as I know, were registered as "Libertarians" which means they did not receive a mailed primary ballot and didn't vote in Oregon's very late primary.


How can I believe you? You

How can I believe you? You were so off base on your initial post about the Koch bros and the JBS, The New Republic and the New American - jeez - do your homework before you start bloviating.

The JBS kicks ass!

I'm Going With An Old Editorial From The Providence Journal,

I read from sometime in 2011, but maybe you should do a little homework also:

Fred Koch is the father of the Koch brothers empire, please click here:


Koch enterprises is involved in international pipeline construction, among other things, what are these U.S. wars about?


I used to think so too,

I used to think so too, because of what I read on the internet. Until I met the local JBSers and found out what they are all about. The material the National group puts out on the Constitution and Globalism is excellent.

I can't speak to your area, obviously. Take care.


Me thinx you're confusing The New Republic with The New American.

The John Birch Society was founded by Robert Welch, and they publish the latter.

Most Birchers I knew (at least in the 80's) were definitely Dr. Paul supporters, AND were registered republicans.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

Kirchick - Cecil Rhodes murderer disciple

Actually, Ben Swann is covering developments from another truthdig article which is covered in this old thread:


Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

SteveMT's picture

The bigger story is Ben's exposing the truth about a shill.

The guy behind the lies of "the Ron Paul News Letters" IS the story.
Ben should be thanked for setting the record straight.

No doubt it was our favorite

No doubt it was our favorite little zionist James Kirchick.

"The Jewish homosexual James Kirchick, who was the one who started all that drama with the Ron Paul “racist” newsletters, and once sat in a glass box in Berlin to guilt-trip to Germans about the alleged Holocaust, was the first to interview her after the bizarre scene."

SteveMT's picture

This guy is a Zionist from hell.

Thanks for posting, but really don't want to look at this trash.

Called this as soon as I heard what she said

Called this as soon as I heard what she said.

When RP came out saying the interview he gave was exactly represented by RT(as opposed to what Liz said)... it only further confirmed my suspicions. Now this.

Tools of war are not always obvious. The worst weapon is an idea planted in the mind of man. Prejudices can kill, suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has an everlasting fallout all of its own.