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Meet The Store Owner Who Shot Five Gang Members

Lance Thomas was a successful watch dealer in West Los Angeles for fourteen years. When a series of crimes began occurring in his neighborhood he decided to buy a gun to defend himself. What happened next is an all American tale of heroic self defense in the face of hardened criminals.

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Day before yesterday

There was a tragic incident where I live. I bring it up because it tells about a hero, I've been reading the news and all kinds of reports are coming out, double barrel shotgun, AK-47.. suicide, and they still have not found the two people who had their car hi jacked:




“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau


Yay, let's celebrate dead

Yay, let's celebrate dead people!

No, seriously.. I believe in self defense like the rest of you, but why are you making him a hero? He rightfully defended himself, but 5 people are dead. How is this a happy situation?

We should be asking ourselves why this happened and try to fix it.

I am happy 5 thugs are not longer able to kill and harm others

they alone are responsible for their own deaths. And good riddance. I have to believe this wasn't their first murder/attempted murder but it was their last. That is good for all of us.

That is your opinion. You

That is your opinion. You only know what you have heard and read as you don't know the situation on a personal level.. Why were they there to rob this mans place? Why did they have guns? Eye for an eye shouldn't be the attitude we should be promoting. It makes it more dangerous then you think... That incident just set off a whole new generation of violent members of society. So, no we're not all better off.

Instead we could be trying to stop violence. It starts in education.

Fact is they were there to rob and kill him

the reason for them to be there with guns to rob and harm people is irrelevant. they chose that path and got what they deserved. It wasn't an eye for and eye you dumbass. The punks created a situation where the only option for the store owner was to shoot or die.

So these punks next victims are not better off? You can't be this naive.

We can have disagreements,

We can have disagreements, but I would really appreciate if you would act like an adult and quit the ad hominem attacks. That isn't needed here.

I have absolutely NO issues with what happened. Some guys tried to rob the wrong guy and were shot. I am ok with that and i'm glad he is alive.
What I do have a problem with is the reaction to it. You said that they got what they deserved. That IS eye for eye. It is one thing to say that he was in the right, but it's another to say they deserved to die. There is a difference and if you can't see that then idk what to tell you.

The reason criminals do what they do is not irrelevant at all. If people would just read books or study human behavior they will see why they do what they do.... But who cares, they are subhuman "scum bags"... You want to be safe? Then try to understand the problems and the reasoning behind violence.

"but why are you making him a hero?"

Because he did what so many are unwilling to do. That's part of what makes him extraordinary.

You mean to shoot someone?

You mean to shoot someone? It's not hard at all... Anyone can defend themselves at any time. That's not some special characteristic. It even says in the youtube clip that he went out and LEARNED to shoot. He did what he had to and I don't blame him, but what I don't like to see is people applauding death because that is inhumane, period.

"You mean to shoot someone?"

I did? Hmmm. Thanks for clarifying what I meant for me.
Maybe you already made your mind up on this issue before you even thought about it. It's understandable,It's what most people were taught growing up.Look deeper.

Or maybe you could ask me next time you want to know what I meant. Good rant though.

No, I didn't say you meant to

No, I didn't say you meant to shoot someone....... I was saying that shooting someone or defending yourself wasn't hard to do.

You have no idea what you are

You have no idea what you are talking about. Have you ever killed anyone while fearing for your life. There have been studies and books on the whole subject. There is a book titled "On Killing" in which research found out that even WW2 soldiers - a significant percentage, hesitated and even missd on purpose. The aversion to killing was so great, even when their fellow soldiers were being killed, that they simply couldn't do it.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

You can't use that argument

You can't use that argument to make your case... There are many things people have not done and can comprehend perfectly... I have also read many books on human behavior and can tell you there is major studies and evidence out there that point to killing being a learned behavior. Everything we do and have done are learned behaviors. I suggest you look up James Gilligan, an ex medical doctor in prison and mental hospitals for most of his life, a person who has worked around the most dangerous people out there.. How do you think 18 yr old video game playing kids can be put into a different part of the world and be able to pull the trigger? They learn it.

What reason did you have for saying that to me?

And also, tell me more about your thoughts about defending yourself not being hard to do.
Do you think this man in the video would agree with you? It appears to have cost him a great deal of time, money, and physical injury.

You read my comment out of

You read my comment out of context... I was asking you if shooting someone was hard to do by saying "You mean shooting someone?". Total miscommunication.....

I never said he didn't go through anything in the aftermath. Killing someone does take it's toll, emotionally, obviously... When in that moment of life and death it is not hard to pull the trigger for a person, especially when you have trained to shoot and defend yourself in a situation like that one.

Plus emotional injury, seclusion, and fear for his life.

Due to threats from gang members to come after him, he closed his shop down, moved to an undisclosed location and works by appointment only. What he did was defend himself against these thugs in which he was taking a risk. He had to be quick to the draw to avoid being killed. Therefore, he made the decision he needed to practice if he wanted to survive future robberies. He is lucky to be alive today. He is a hero. He didn't ask for this, they asked for it. We should be thanking him for making the world a safer place and that we aren't having to support these five thugs in prison with our tax dollars.


I do not think everyone is applauding the death of 5 people...

...at least I do not. I applaud that this individual exercised his natural right to defend himself and his property. He did not make the choice for them to die. They made that choice when they walked into his store. They knew the risk and that was a risk they apparently were willing to take.

Did you not read the comment

Did you not read the comment before yours?? The one about 5 scum bags.... People are applauding the death of those men. You just choose not to see it that way because you already made your mind up on this issue before you even thought about it. It's understandable, we are conditioned to feel hatred towards "them".. It's what most people were taught growing up. Fear criminals.

This issue is not black and white. No good guy or bad guy. Just 1 guy alive (thankfully) and 5 guys dead (sadly).

I think what he did was right and nowhere did I say killing those men was wrong... I just said that people should use this for something more than a just an example as to why the 2nd amendment is needed. Look deeper.

I'm happy that 5 scumbags are

I'm happy that 5 scumbags are no longer a threat to society and that their scumbag buddies will think twice about leaving more victims in that area.
Those men had murder in their hearts and guns in their hands.
They got what they deserved.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

But you're looking at it the

But you're looking at it the wrong way. Us against them isn't the way to go. That won't solve the problems we have in society. Did you not learn anything from Ron Paul? Blowback?

Why celebrate death when you can use this situation as motivation to look more deeper into why this happens.

Haha, blowback has nothing

Haha, blowback has nothing got do with this situation. Additionally, RP supported self defense. He even publicly supported Israel when they bombed the nuclear facility in Iraq during the 80s.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

You missed the point.... Go

You missed the point.... Go ahead and keeping hating and fearing your fellow human. That's what they want you to do :)

Death and the threat of death

Death and the threat of death is a powerful motivator. The 'blowback' in this particular instance was the property owner giving several thugs a lead injection. Hurray!

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Death is never good. Not even

Death is never good. Not even in self defense. It's our human right to defend ourselves, but death isn't what you should want and be happy about.

Do you know these "criminals" that attempted to rob his place? Do you know what their lives were like? It's easy to throw stones and name call when you haven't been through what others have.

"Death is never good. Not

"Death is never good. Not even in self defense. It's our human right to defend ourselves, but death isn't what you should want and be happy about."

I'm happy that the store owner isn't dead. I don't give a shit about the dead thugs. They would have happily killed the man and taken his property. Why should I care about such people?

"Do you know these "criminals" that attempted to rob his place? Do you know what their lives were like? It's easy to throw stones and name call when you haven't been through what others have."

Don't know. Don't care. You are the one making assumptions.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

Because they are human like

Because they are human like you and me and could maybe be our neighbors. You choose to see criminals as subhuman just as they would see you as the same. The constant cycle of violence is the proof of that... Why can't we look at it from a broader perspective and try to deal with the real problems? It's a human behavioral issue. Violence against violence creates more violence... When I said blowback, I meant the fact that the ones that came after came because he killed/arrested one of their guys. Yes, they were the aggressors in this situation and yes they died because they messed with the wrong person and that's the life of a person that lives by the gun, but.... is it not human to try to avenge your brothers death? If you were in the shoes of those men and been through the things they been through would you just let it go? What about the children of those men? Do you really think they will see all of this as some heroic ordeal? No, they will grow up angry and hateful at people like you that call their fathers scum bags when you don't even know who they are. They will grow up in a household without fathers and from the statistics will almost certainly become violent adults and contribute to more crime and violence in that area.. All because there wasn't a way we could figure out how to help the mentally ill people in this world. But like you said you don't care because you only care about the 2nd amendment and not actually helping or even attempting to understand humanity or our insane society... it's an us against them issue for you. I'm sad you see it as such just like I am sad people had to die, just as I would be sad if the man defending himself died..

Sounds as though

you have book experience and very little life experience. What would you do if two men were trying to break into your home at 3 in the morning and you have a child sleeping in a bedroom on the other side of the house? My first thought was not to psychoanalyze them, my first thought was to stop the threat. All I had to do was look at my daughter and come to terms with the idea if anyone were to hurt her, I'd kill them. I assume you have no children, and you've never experienced a home invasion.

In a home invasion scenario, you are correct, it is me against anyone breaking into my home with my child in the house. Breaking into your house at 3 in the morning, they aren't there to read you a bedtime story and tuck you in...realize how ballsy it is for people to think they can threaten your family and the excuse is they are depraved because they are deprived? All that book knowledge flies out the window at the moment you realize the threat is real.

I think everyone is

I think everyone is misinterpreting what i'm saying... I said that what happened was ok. He had to defend himself and if I were in the same situation I would have done the same exact thing. I have no problems with what happened...

The responses to the incident are what got me concerned. Read some of the comments. Some say that we are all better off, now that's naive. The aftermath of an incident like this is never good. Now, we will have a few more violent people in our society because the family of the deceased will not take it lightly. It's like in war, every time you kill 1 there are 6 more being brought up hating American soldiers. This is blowback, but on a larger scale and it has been going on for ages. Again, i'm not saying that he shouldn't have defended himself, i'm just saying that there are consequences for every action and we should look at it that way.

The real point that I was trying to make wasn't against self defense or against protecting yourself... My point was that people behave the way they behave for a reason. People are not born evil. Look up the Lucifer effect or Epigenetics. I was trying to say that these men that died are still human and shouldn't be treated as anything less. As a matter of fact I can almost guarantee you the reason why they were so violent in the first place was because they were treated as such. They were obviously ill and if we are going to try to make a better future then we all need to understand the simple fact that human behavior is very much overlooked and misunderstood.

We are brought up in a society to believe that "criminals" are evil and that they will hurt us so we must fear them, but just look at the word criminal.. It can mean anything that is against the state. Some of us are criminals because we go against the state. Are you evil? Am I?

These men lived by the gun and died by the gun. So be it... But that won't stop me from examining why this actually happened. With the new research being done on violent behavior it is not hard to understand why we act the way we do.

And no, my own life experiences ARE the reason why I study such subjects. I was once on the wrong path myself. Now, i'm nonviolent and better educated. Who would'a thunk it that getting educated can change one from being angry and violent to a perfectly healthy, understanding human being. A metal cage doesn't do that, trust me. If anything those places make you 10x worse. So, does the dehumanization by your fellow man. It messes up the psyche.


Surf.. I wanted to say something like that.

Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.