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Meet The Store Owner Who Shot Five Gang Members

Lance Thomas was a successful watch dealer in West Los Angeles for fourteen years. When a series of crimes began occurring in his neighborhood he decided to buy a gun to defend himself. What happened next is an all American tale of heroic self defense in the face of hardened criminals.

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My New Hero..

Thanks for posting!


Thank you for posting!

Reality in this world is defend your freedom and life.

To live by principle is the way!


Gun slinga'

He bad.

This place was great.

I have one of their lifetime memberships. I think its called ambassador now. Piazza changes it so often its hard to keep up. lol.
I really enjoyed my time learning how to use a hand gun. I want to go back and do every class they have. Make a vacation out of it.

I just got back from a 2-day defenseive handgun training there..

I cannot recommend this enough. My wife and are going back in the fall for the 4-day defensive handgun training. I learned so much in 2 days. Having little to no experience with firearms, I now feel more secure if the need ever arises that I need to draw the weapon.

I might add, get a German Shepard

Mine reacts when they are 40' from the door. I really don't know if he can hear them or smell them, but if it's someone who is known he just lays there. If it's a stranger he gets extremely aggressive.

Or a pit bull

Like the ones I have. Wonderful protective dogs. Sometimes a little too protective. Lol.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Some breeds of dogs can be very intimidating

I once drove a friend to a guys house for a car deal, the seller had two Doberman Pinchers. We went in the house to have the title signed and make the payment. It was eerie, those two dogs just sat there at attention, they hardly even moved and they never once took their eyes off us, I don't think they even blinked. It was literally intimidating, I got the feeling that if I even moved fast they would leap up and tear my throat out.

Cameras and motion sensor lights

are nice for getting a clear shot at the target(s).


a trap door with some spikes on the bottom is a nice feature. It takes some elbow grease, but I got mine dug out in two weekends.

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

If the tresspasser dies

you get pre-meditated murder in most states.


Clearly a joke

“With laws shall our land be built up, but with lawlessness laid waste.”
-Njal Thorgeirsson

Oh. Sorry about that

But I DO think that way.
I saw a house with fifteen, shotguns mounted in the ceiling of the entry way.
If you didn't punch the right code in within a certain amount of time the solenoid control shotguns just started unloading from overhead.
When I went to inquire about having it installed I was told NO.
I would go to jail for premeditated murder.
While this device may not look like a weapon, it is actually quite deadly. Hidden behind walls and ceilings to blend with the architecture, it shoots 15 shotgun shells when activated.

The weapon can be deployed remotely, and requires a series of authentications before it can fire. While it has been installed in homes outside the U.S., Safe said it does not use the device anymore in the houses it secures.

I have had an idea for a motion sensor activated security

device. What the idea is, is to have a motion sensor activate the sound of a pump action shot gun. I got the idea when a friend told me about something that happened to him. His wife woke him up in the middle of the night and said I think someone is in the house. He grabbed his 12 gauge pump, half way down the stairs he thought he should cock it. When he did, he saw a blur of a figure running through his living room and the guy leaped head first right out the window he jimmied open. The sound of a 12 gauge pump is very recognizable. What do you guys think of the idea?

I was just discussing that with my wife a few days ago.

A sound system with a variety of tracks.
Gun shots, breaking glass, yelling and dogs barking.
Lights go out and I think you could rig a scent machine to puff the smell of gun powder into the area.

what would be the purpose of all that? Sounds cartoonish

but it would probably sell.
What kind of conflict would you be trying to avoid/win?
And wouldn't being wellabled and armed be sufficient to deter anyone that would flee from a movie soundtrack?

Are you kidding?

Have you ever had to deal with shooting or killing someone?
The red tape is enough to give you cancer if you just s-h-i-t crooked.

Deadly force = big legal bills.

If I can scare off an intruder and have them on tape so cops can collect him/her I don't need to pay lawyers tens of thousands of dollars and shlep back and forth to some irritating court house to keep my freedom and property.

It's rare in this day and age when you can shoot or kill and intruder and not have to be inducted into a circus. And on top of that you risk injury that can change or end your life.

So I'd rather play the Wizard of Oz and make realistic noises that scare the s-h-i-t out of intruders. THEN if that doesn't work they get a bullet.

Again, this sounds divorced from reality

I understand your sentiment completely. And I agree with it.

Try and hear my point:
The caliber of intruder that would be frightened off by a set of Home Alone tactics, would be the same caliber of intruder that would be frightened off by a doberman, or a sign that said they were on camera, or a camera, or any number of tried and true warnings.

Yes, I have a GREAT deal of experience handling myself physically with would be assailants in REAL life. It ended up being my passion for a number of years.

Who are you thinking this would scare off that would be immune to usual methods?

I don't deny it is odd

But there are many special effects movie people (here in Pittsburgh) who can make incredibly real sights and sounds.

I think the main reason I'm more interested in this now is because I'm getting older and less able to get down with someone younger and stronger.

Got it

I've said my peace friend. Truth be told, I won't be there when the rubber meets the road so I support your choice to do what feel will protect you.

If we were neighbors though, I would be there for you in a heart beat.

I'm in

Want an investor? Great ideas, smell of gun powder, perfect! One way to do that would be to rig a few blank shells or fire crackers that would go off in sequence, then you get the real sound and smell. Even some kind of motion actuator, like a door slamming shut?