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* * RP Radio Ad Heard During Limbaugh show - BOSTON MA * * others reporting same on this thread...all over USA.


WRKO---Boston...first time hearing radio RP ad...ha...it is running during Limbaugh show...great ad...its the text that RP told us he was running.

Love it!!!

Limbaugh won't mention THE NAME---RP is advertising during his show!!!!!

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radio ad cds

Does anyone know where we can get 60 second radio ads on CD to use on our local radios? We can get ads at a good price here, but can't find any ads to use.


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and ultimately will have neither."...... Benjamin Franklin

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and ultimately will have neither."...... Benjamin Franklin



I've heard RP adds on XM -

I've heard RP adds on XM - even during John Gibson's show. Come to think of it, I haven't heard any for quite a while. Oh yeah, I STOPPED LISTENING to his stupid show!!!!

TN checking in

I heard one ad when on way home from bringing kids to school - 7am right before the morning traffic report... then heard a different ad at 2:30pm when going to get kids... and then heard it again at around 4pm while driving around paying bills. I'm in East Tennessee and his ads are playing on the biggest FM station in our area from Bristol TN to Nashville TN and parts of VA, NC, and KY. The ads are great too!!!



for post...

About Rush-- I half read a

About Rush-- I half read a script from his radio show of him saying "we didn't win in Florida...". I didn't get to finish it. Did he mean the candidate he was supporting didn't win? Who was he supporting?



He's a Romney man alright...by trashing others, propping up Romney, and moving Romney callers to front of line.

Have heard two radio ads in

Have heard two radio ads in the last three days on the Christian station in Seattle (105.3)!!! It was great!!!!!!!!!!

Ad played in Buffalo NY Today


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I heard them all the time, before NV caucus

All day long, on the talk stations. And some nice TV ads.
He also did well in NV.

Nice targeting.

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Chicago, IL

Heard his add on WLS 890 AM, during the morning. Rush and Hannity are syndicated on this radio station.


bump ...

Heard in Portland, OR

Ron , Please TURN up the Volume!!!!

Radio Ads?

Why are you so surprised??? RP 'owned' NH when it came to radio ads. You could not go 15 minutes without hearing one! Also, on FOX and CNN constantly they played on the TV. Why are you so surprised? We gave him the money now LET'S GIVE HIM MORE!

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see below ...

no...it's that...was

surprised and highly amused to hear it run on Limbaugh time slot ...ha.

here too!!

heard one yesterday and today in the tri-cities Tennessee...sounded great

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Houston, TX

I heard a Ron Paul radio ad today in Houston for the first time!! It was about 20 minutes after Sean Hannity, so it very well could have run during the Hannity show too, I just missed it.

Heard one today, one yesterday

on Limbaugh. This is the introduction "Who is Ron Paul" ad that was used quite a bit in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

To all the "Boycott Fox" group

if Ron Paul advertises on Fox, are you going to add Ron Paul to the Boycott list?

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evening rounds--who

who else is hearing RP ads on radio....see below spontaneous unexpected eruption of other reporting hearing ads too. all over USA.

I heard it during Limbaugh's show break....ha love it!

On WLS out of Chicago Also.

On the Limbaugh show!


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

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you too....on Limbaugh.


Now Ron's media buyer just needs to buy time during Sean Hannity's show to REALLY set them all off...LOL!


I quit Hannity---you just may hear RP advertising there too.

Considering Ron Paul is a sponser

You'd think he'd be required to at least consider Ron Paul, or be fair to him


WABC 770 AM That's the EIB's flagship station !!!

OK, OK, I'll start tuning in!

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I may be a vegetarian, but I'll defend to the death my right to eat meat!

Atlanta Georgia Too

Last week I heard a Ron Paul ad at the end of the Limbaugh show and today I heard one in the middle of the show.

Haven't heard any other candidate ads so far on the radio or TV.

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In Houston last Friday I heard a re-elect Ron Paul for congress ad.