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I am going to give 5x$100; to which candidates to donate? Seriously.

I apologize for being out of the loop to a considerable extent. Other than maybe Rand Paul and, almost certainly, Justin Amash I really don't know BOTH which candidates are deserving AND which candidates are most critical AND relevant.

Those aren't the same thing at all. Donating money to someone who hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of winning because he/she is in the wrong district isn't the same thing as deserving. Also, supporting someone with money who can "win" a local level election, particularly in a state which is overwhelmingly Liberty-Hating isn't the same thing at all as helping in a critical race. Also, donating to someone who already has winning momentum isn't a smart use of limited cash.

So maybe suggest some candidates and list their donation site and SAY clearly why this candidate really is a *smart* choice to back with limited cash? Hopefully the + totals and chained comments will sort things out for me.

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Ready to recieve Contributions

Feel free to vet me here if you want. I volunteered as a grassroots organizer for RP 2012. I spent 7 months in 7 states outside of california. I organized initial meetings in Iowa between 2008 activists, County Party leaders, and the 2012 campaign. I canvased the South and East Coast. Trained other activists. Posted on here a lot about what I was doing.

Check out my site: http://votejack.org

And my rally page (if you want to contribute): http://rally.org/votejack


Jack Wagner

Great post

Hopefully more contributors will do this, might be a way of vetting local/state liberty candidates, and get them to answer questions, and end up getting some funding.

I'd say contribute to my campaign, but I don't have a donation page, nor my bank account, set up yet (working on it this week).

I'd say find someone you could actually vote for, someone near you (in your state), or pick a few local candidates that seem like they could win.

Local candidates who are looking like they will likely win don't always win. Sometimes they lose. So it's never a bad idea to give them money, and if they do win, and don't spend all the money, they can create an account to have it for a future campaign of their, maybe for a higher office.

Even in a "liberty-hating" state, which I would suppose you'd consider California (my state), you could do something like contribute to my local campaign and contribute to the CAGOP Liberty Caucus (led by John Dennis). That way you are helping spread liberty in an effective manner.

Jack Wagner

Greg Brannon

all $500

to whoever challenges Gillespie for Clark County Sheriff!

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?


As a Candidate for City Council here in Philadelphia, my approach is simple but I believe sound, and I could really use the funds.

Here are my qualifications for your consideration

1) I am working from a unique Dignitarian platform which argues for the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain, and the right to withdraw from abuse

2) I am similarly proposing a unique policy which calls for public Trusts, by which citizenry can endow whichever chapter they believe has value (ex. funding local schools rather than unjust wars or NSA surveillance etc)

3) I've also inaugurated a new Party called Free Dominion, so as to politically function by principle

4) Statistically I have a shot since the Democratic incumbent won by a reasonably small number of ~18,400 votes; naturally if I obtain 9200+1 in 2015, the cause of free agency can succeed.
Philadelphia also being a major American city and if winning an electoral seat, I believe further that the ideals which I'm espousing can create a significant impact
2011 General Election District 8

5) As mentioned before, my Campaign strategy is fairly simple, but I believe sound: since April 2013, I've gone mailbox-to-mailbox and have personally delivered flyers, while discussing various issues with neighbors.
As I had surmised, most citizens do agree with the virtue of dignity, and I am routinely encouraged.
This summer, I would like to distribute to the 2/3 of my District

6) Fortunately my appeal to your generous offering is substantial when accounted towards $296.80 for 5000 double-sided photocopies

Finally I've not asked anyone for donations while self-financing (outside of my mother once), but it would be a great addition to my publications while accrediting the good folks here at Daily Paul.

Michael Galganski

Honestly, I would purchase

Honestly, I would purchase PMs, food, ammo, and supplies.

SteveMT's picture

Consider TMOT. He could really use it.

Derrick Grayson is going up against the political machines of both parties. He would be the most bang for the buck, IMO.

Here is a big list

I would donate to candidates in your area.


Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

He could use your donation, thanks for you consideration

We are looking for liberty volunteers as well, You can contact mblibertarian7@earthlink.net we are in San Diego.
Volunteer a couple hours a week and/or donate http://mikebenoit.net

What Candidate receive donation?

I hope it not asking to much. Just what to know.

Justin Amash is polling over 40 pts

Above his rival, he doesn't need any more contributions. Lee Bright, Greg Brannon, Derrick Grayson

Dammit, your post is important.

A few years ago the Daily Paul was absolutely bombarded by hundreds of posts over hundreds of days in support of a really good guy who had no chance of winning, Jake Towne. I made ONE post saying "hey look into this guy Justin Amash, he's Ron Paul-endorsed, has a chance according to the polls" and heard nothing but crickets. Eventually DP members got behind Amash but the kid won on his own hustle more than anything else.

So now, I'd recommend you consider Amash because he's always in a tough fight and seniority is crucial in Congress, or Rand Paul simply because the bigger he gets the bigger the domino-effect of people hearing the liberty message. That domino effect creates what we in marketing call low 'new customer acquisition costs.'

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Brannon though if you want

Brannon though if you want someone new. He's got a shot. And if he's another Mike Lee and if the GOP retakes the Senate, liberty gets significantly stronger. Then if Rand can pull the miracle of winning the presidency, you're talking about real change in America, per my signature. Lots of ifs.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Give all your money to ...

John Dennis.;-) Just kidding.

Give it all to Art Alas, Igor Birman and Tim Donnelly.




I second that!!!

I meet Art Alas at the GOP Convention at Burlingame, California. A lot of us went to El Torito in Burlingame to have lunch.

I went to support Tim Donnelly and the Tea Party.

Bumping: be sure to read comments: Tim Donnelly for CA Governor!

( : Comments below this post.


Justin Amash


Also, focus on all the new liberty candidates, especially the one replacing Lindsey Graham. Also, don't forget about tmot. :)

You might consider

Checking on candidates for statewide or local office in your own or other states
and making small contributions to a number of people.

I'm kind of lukewarm on the guy that is attempting to "primary" my incumbent neocon,
Greg Walden (OR 2nd District) - he seems to be OK on civil liberties including 2nd Amendment,
and at least knows what the 10th Amendment is - but loses me on foreign policy, environment
and some other issues..

Worth checking out considering the alternative:


(Dennis Linthicum)

If really want to donate to candidates

here are some names you could consider that are running for the first time:
Andrew Walter-AZ
Igor Birman-CA
Tom Emmer-MN (Michelle Bachman's seat)
All three are running for House seats. Check'em out

Here is my opinion

Justin Amash, Rand Paul, and Kerry Bentivolio are the three best congressmen. We need to make sure we get them re-elected.

Thomas Massie as well! He is

Thomas Massie as well! He is my favorite in the House. Mark Sanford votes great as well.


Texas Liberty Talk Radio http://www.ragingelephantsradio.com/

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"

Put it back in your pocket.

And just talk to people instead. It's a better investment into liberty.

Murray Sabrin


"It may be a hundred years before a computer beats humans at Go - maybe even longer. If a reasonably intelligent person learned to play Go, in a few months he could beat all existing computer programs." - Piet Hut

Clint Didier for Congress in Washington State

Doc Hastings is retiring, and Clint Didier is trying to get the GOP nomination to run for Hastings' seat. Clint Didier has been a follower of Ron Paul for years, and he will probably get endorsed by Ron Paul. Clint tried to run for the senate a few years back and he was endorsed by Ron Paul at that time.




Tea Party Tim Donnelly for Governor of California

Tim Donnelly is a 100% Constitution.

He want Smaller Government,Stop Government Waste,Lower Taxes,Common Sense and Reform Regulations,Real Immigration Reform,Pro 1st,2nd,4th Amendment ,Pro Life and Pro Business.


Tim Donnelly Widens Front-Runner Lead At CRP Convention


About Tim Donnelly

Tim Donnelly was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1966, moved to Virginia and grew up in Michigan. As the third oldest among 14 children, Tim learned from an early age the importance of responsibility, the value of hard work, and the gift of family. As a sophomore in High School, he paid his own tuition at a private high school by working several jobs.

Tim left Michigan after attending University of Michigan on scholarship for one year and made his way to California to attend the University of California, Irvine in 1985. Working several jobs to pay his own way, Tim earned his B. A. in English. After college he went to work for his father in the small family business, supplying parts to plastics manufacturers.

After five years, he started his own small business, providing solutions to his customer’s manufacturing problems. Having twenty years’ experience on the front lines of manufacturing, Tim brings a unique understanding of the problems facing one of the most important sectors in our economy.

In 1993, Tim married the love of his life, Rowena, a young widow raising two boys on her own. Together they have 5 sons and one grandson. During the older boys teenage years, Tim coached soccer for a dozen years, sometimes coaching multiple teams. Starting in 2002, Tim began working in prison ministry, taking the lead after his mentor passed away, teaching the men of the Pilot Rock Camp in Bible Study and life skills courses for almost 8 years.

I Second Your Recommendation-I Will Be Voting for Tim, Have meet

him, voted for him when he first ran for assemblyman and have donated to his campaign for Governor of California.

The following from his website above:

As our border remains ever more porous, the costs of illegal immigration continue to mount. The legislature cuts our education and law enforcement budgets yet passes horrific entitlements costing us billions!

This is above all a rule-of-law issue. Instead of punishing those who have entered our country illegally, our state’s leaders have chosen to create greater incentives for this illegal behavior including free healthcare, free education, and now free college.

While the rest of the legislature was on recess, I spent my vacation leading the campaign to overturn the California DREAM Act, the bill that would give those illegal immigrants free taxpayer funded college tuition money.

In my first year in office, I introduced legislation to bring SB 1070, the Arizona Law, to California and stop sanctuary cities—jurisdictions that refuse to enforce immigration laws.

In an effort to set aside funds dedicated toward more wasteful spending, Governor Brown and his Democratic allies implemented a realignment scheme that has transferred thousands of criminals from state prisons to county jails. As a result, many have been released early, leading to the presence of violent criminals in communities throughout our state.

In many instances, these criminals are quickly rearrested for committing crimes. When our state’s leaders believe it is no longer a priority to keep dangerous criminals in jail, it means we need new leadership.

As governor, I will reverse this policy and work to keep communities safe.

Each year, Democrats in the legislature implement more and more laws designed to restrict the freedoms guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution—the right to keep and bear arms.

Not only do these laws infringe upon our inherent freedoms, but they also limit our ability to protect ourselves and families.

I am dedicated to restoring the 2nd Amendment freedoms we have lost and guaranteeing that gun-owning Californians can once again protect themselves.

Obamacare promises to not only restrict our freedoms as individuals by requiring us to purchase goods and services against our wishes, but also places our state’s entire healthcare system at great risk.

In the Assembly, I introduced a bill that would create a constitutional amendment that would declare Obamacare unconstitutional and create a new law that makes it illegal for any federal, state, or local authority to mandate that healthcare coverage must be purchased by individuals.

As governor, I will fight for a similar proposal to protect our freedoms from an overbearing federal government and a California government that has served as an accomplice.

In 2005, Tim answered the call of his country, and joined the fight to secure our borders. As the founder of the largest Minuteman chapter in California, he leveraged the media to bring national attention to the Federal government’s failure to enforce the border. Since then, Congress voted against amnesty, to improve the border fence and double the Border Patrol presence. The American public is acutely aware of the drug war, which has claimed between 70,000 and 100,000 lives in 4 years, and the violence that has spilled over the border into California.

In 2010, Tim became a candidate for the California State Assembly. He joined a field of ten candidates. Tim ran a strong grassroots campaign, knocking on thousands of doors throughout his district. Despite being outspent by significant amounts, Tim prevailed on Election Day. Later that year, he was sworn in as a member of the Assembly.

In the Legislature, Tim has earned the reputation of a conservative who holds steadfast to his principles: unleashing free enterprise, defending liberty, restricting government regulation, and upholding the constitution.



I third that

I grew up in Cali, and he's the best candidate I've seen for governor ever.

Greg Brannon

He is running for US Senate in North Carolina.

He would probably become the best voice for Liberty and Constitutionalism we would have in the congress if elected and would be a formidable ally to Paul/Lee/Amash