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Kansas Bill Would Make It A Felony To Report False Complaints Of Police Abuse

There is a bill in the Kansas legislature that is a bad cop’s dream. House Bill 2698 would raise cops even higher above the rest of society by requiring anyone filing a complaint against a police officer to first sign a sworn affidavit clearly stating the allegation. If during the ensuing investigation clear evidence shows the claim to be false, then the complainant could face perjury charges.

The wording is so incredibly skewed in favor of law enforcement that it wouldn’t be surprising to find out a retired cop penned the legislation. The devil is in the details of this bill.

There is a provision in the bill that would exempt law enforcement officers from making any oral or written statements regarding a complaint filed against them until they have been made fully aware of all facts related to the allegation, received a copy of the complaint, and all evidence related to the complaint.

A person with even a modicum of common sense would realize how this provision could be abused by law enforcement. It provides police officers the opportunity to review the evidence against them in its entirety before being required to make a statement regarding the alleged incident. This is ironic, because it is counter to the manner in which police officers operate. The common man, when suspected of a crime, is never given the opportunity to review any part of the case against them prior to being questioned.

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These statist politicians do these type of things in the

backrooms all day long. When I see people advocating disengaging from the system and not voting, it just baffles me. You can make a huge difference locally, and these type of things are happening to the disengaged. When those people who advocate not voting end up in a cage because of some immoral law passed by a statist politician, I bet they will wish they had taken the time to care.

Tu ne cede malis.

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coming soon to a state near you...

We live in a police state... and no one cares.

Soon even questioning cops will be a felony.... soon breathing will be one.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?

I thought it already was.

There are plenty of cops who have killed people for less.