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Is Daily Paul getting slower??

Is Daily paul getting slower to load up or what.. I feel like I am on Dail up when I come here as of late??

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no, you're just getting faster...

actually, it's been having problems, though I thought we raised the $4,000 needed to speed it up. Maybe that's being worked on now.

It's up and down for me...

Sometimes it's fast enough, sometimes that Slowski turtle must be running the show. It's not the # of people, we've had twice this many before. I've come close to giving up and quitting. What happened with that Chipin I donated to... no help!??

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I was wondering the same

I was wondering the same thing about the chip in.. Its been since then that Daily Paul has become slow.. I thought the money was to make it better??? :)

Me too. I usually open

Me too. I usually open another site and read stuff while waiting for DP to load.

I know right


I think the Revolution is

bogging it. There are 1,006 person's here right now

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yeah but

I have seen 1400 online and 400 guest and still was faster then now..
takes foreeeevvvvver...lol