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An In Depth And Honest Look–James Kirchick The Hit Man Behind The Smear Attack On Ron Paul

Kirchick wants the viewer to think that for twenty years the newsletter was filled with “racist” content when in fact more than 230 of the 240 plus issues of the monthly newsletter contain absolutely no such content and the one special edition of the newsletter that had the most offensive content was written by someone else under a byline which Kirchick fails to disclose. The writer of the special edition was James B. Powel. Kirchick also fails to disclose that he supports an interventionist neoconservative foreign policy that Paul has repeatly been critical of.

James Williams of Matagorda County, Texas recounts a touching true story. Living in a still prejudiced Texas In 1972, his wife had a complication with her pregnancy. No doctors would care for her or deliver their bi-racial child. In fact one of the hospital nurses called the police on James.
Dr. Ron Paul was notified and took her in, delivering their stillborn baby. Because of the compassion of Dr. Ron Paul, the Williams’ never received a hospital bill for the delivery.
Ron Paul views every human being as a unique individual, afforded the rights endowed by our creator and codified in the Bill of Rights.

The neoconservatives and their friends in the mainstream media and talk radio are attempting to smear Ron Paul by trying to label him a racist, anti-Semite and isolationist instead of addressing the costs and benefits of an interventionist foreign policy in comparison with a non-interventionist foreign policy.


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What a good post.

I remember talking to people in college about Ron Paul trying to win them over. One day some guy informed me of how Ron Paul was a racist. It struck me from out in left field since I had never heard this before and he showed me how he spoke at the John Birch Society and that was proof that he was a bad person. I did my own research on the John Birch Society and it seems if you love communism and hate education then they are not your thing.

I loved the video where Ben Stein tries to stammer out something about Ron Paul being anti-semitic and Ron Paul does not let him get anywhere with that sort of garbage and nonsense.

An old story that connects to a new one

And rightfully so.

Anytime I hear about the newsletters resurfacing, I just look down and shake my head and say, "really?"

Ron Paul puts it nicely: "I disavowed those comments."

I guess everyone that criticizes Dr. Paul about those Newsletters understood English back in the 80's but not today.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.