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I Need Help Getting Set-Up to Take Btc , Please

I am trying to get set-up to accept bitcoins as payment for my business. I am a tattooer. I will be travelling to Houston next weekend to work a big convention, and would like to be (possibly) the only one there taking cash,card,silver, or BTC.

I decided to try the wallet from Blockchain.info, since seeing it mentioned in the "Getting Started with Bitcoin" thread. I dont even know if thats a good one for me to have, just guessing about all this stuff.

SO, my main question is, is a wallet /wallet address all I need to accept Bitcoins?
And how does that transaction play out?
I assume I can find an app that will translate Dollar values to btc? Is there a recommended calculator?

1.A guy says he want to pay me in bitcoins.
2. I give him my wallet address?
3. wait for transaction to go through?
4. I can see his pmt in my wallet?

Is it that simple? I need a dummy's guide! haha...I am finally starting to feel old with this technology!

Any help is greatly appreciated., Thank you.

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So, it seems I may be out of luck.

Apple products do not offer ANY apps for bitcoin. Apple is going to jump into the crypto market and so they are restricting their customers by removing all btc apps from their App Store.
I have never owned an Apple product in my life until I recently got an iPhone, then was given a new iPad Air for christmas. I have always had Android, and honestly, still think I like Android better. Unfortunately I'm sitting on $1400 worth of Apple junk now.
I am angry at Apple. I should be able to decide wether or not I want to use Bitcoin apps on MY phone. Well, maybe I will trade this sh!t for a Samsung Galaxy or Google phone or something. :( boooo!

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Keep in mind,

You're not really restricted to apps. If someone wants to pay you with their bitcoin all you have to do is give them your public address. You could literally just have that written down on a piece of paper, or on a note on your phone. You could have a pic of your public address in qr form on your phone or a piece of paper if you want to be like the cool kids and have them take a picture of your public address with their phone.

THEY don't even need to have a mobile app to send it. They could just log into their blockchain wallet on a regular phone browser and send it. You could have a computer or mobile device with a wifi connection and let them log into the regular browser to what they need to do. Many options, my friend, many options.

How to Accept Bitcoin in Your Business

How to Accept Bitcoin in Your Business - The Bitcoin Show


Also How to accept Bitcoin, for small businesses Wiki


I highly recommend understanding the basics of bitcoin first before you start accepting bitcoin as a payment. For example, you should know the basics of how to read the blockchain, How to send send receive the coins, How to sell them for cash, and where you can use bitcoins.

Best place to start is youtube, just type "how to use bitcoin" or some variation of it.

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Excellent advice

Thank you firefox. :)

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Good start

As others have mentioned, if you don't want to keep it in bitcoin, and you want it to go straight into cash, coinbase is probably the way to go. I use them when I actually want to buy Bitcoin.

Otherwise, if you already have a blockchain wallet, that's a great start as far as having a wallet where you keep, control and/or transfer bitcoins. If you want a mobile app, blockchain has one:


Just look 3/4 of the way down the page for the mobile options.

As others have mentioned, Coinbase has a mobile app as well. There's no reason not to have both if you already signed up for the blockchain account.

As far as how it works, you're pretty much right. You give them your public address, which works for deposit only, they put that into their software, while signed into their wallet, and the money is sent to you. The sender just needs an internet connection. Usually you'll get a confirmation of the transaction within a few minutes.

Thank you

For the straightforward response.

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No Problem.

By the way, Iron_Paul mentioned creating a desktop wallet below, which is totally fine, but I would go ahead and start with blockchain/coinbase first. If you decide you want a desktop wallet later, no problem but its not necessary to get started.

He did mention backing up your wallet, however, which is actually really important. With Coinbase you don't really need to worry about it, they have a different system that basically manages everything. But with your blockchain wallet you have responsibility and control. They sent you the information in an email, so just put a copy up on Dropbox, Google Drive, both, or whatever cloud storage you might use. If you lose that info, you lose that wallet and any bitcoin in it. The same goes for a desktop wallet if you ever get one.

remember the price of BTC is volatile but, very simple.

to set up.

Down load a BTC wallet on your computer.

it will then update the block chain. This can take 1 day or 2 depending on your computer and or connection.

you will have a unique address, make sure to copy and paste address when sending or receiving btc. if you give the wrong address your coins will be lost for ever.

make a back up:

how to Back up file:on your computer(windows) go to start bar - in search type: %appdata% enter. a folder will open for all wallets(btc,Ltc,PPcoin) open file specific for the back up.
copy "wallet.dat" onto desktop and from there to a removable drive.(thumb drive). save at least 3 files(3 thumb drives). if you lose this you lose all your coins.in other words if some steals your computer you have the data on the thumb drive. download again on new computer and replace the new "wallet.dat" with the one on your thumb drive.the more the better imo!
if you encrypted original after you made back up files, these files will no longer be useful. therefore you need to
make new backups with encrypted versions.

Now you just need to buy some Bitcoins.

some use exchanges as wallets like Bitstamp, btc-e and so on (MT.Gox is dead stay away)... the only issues with an exchange there is a fee applied when withdrawals are made.

your choice.

i am not an expert by any means and i strongly suggest you use tutorials on you-tube to help your quest into the BTC community or private email some experts here for more specifics.

always keep some physical silver or gold on hand. Never put all your eggs in the same basket.

First of all stop screaming and shut up.

It's as easy as pie with a coinbase account.


Sell your bitcions the moment you get them so your value transaction is solidified and stop being a nervous nellie.


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Who is screaming?

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Thanks for asking.

If you want to keep the bitcoin, then I think this is the easiest app.

If you want to have the bitcoin converted straight into dollars so you are not exposed to currency risk then sign up to either....

Bitpay.com or coinbase.com and once signed up you can use their apps and they will deposit your dollars straight into your account.

Let me know how these apps work for you. so I know which ones to recommend next time. :)

PS: The apple store does not support bitcoin and so these apps are only available for droid. However Bitpay has a great mobile payment page that you can navigate to in safari for apple use. Coinbase may have the same thing, but I have not used it or seen it.

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you could use a wallet app to

you could use a wallet app to receive btc payments but you should be aware that payments sometimes take a while to be verified. I have waited hours to see a transaction get verified. For what you are describing, and in the timeframe you have to work with between now and the convention, your best bet is to examine Coinbase.com's merchant services. They will handle the bitcoin transactions so you will get paid almost instantly. I have been a coinbase customer for a long time but I have no first hand experience with the merchant app, just an understanding of bitcoin mechanics.

Thanks, thats two

for coinbase. I will go check it out. Thanks so much.

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and grab your ankles.

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Im not interested in hearing about your fantasies.

I need advice on bitcoin.

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Try Coinbase - I'm new at this and just wanted to buy some

so I'd be able to better understand what Bitcoin is all about. Been very happy with Coinbase, it's also who Overstock.com chose to go with - I've used bitcoin for overstock purchases with no problem.

Coinbase has a special section for merchants, which I know nothing about but they advertise 0% payment processing.

Great idea and good luck!!!

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+1 for Coinbase

Only caveat is they're located in the US. But I (also located in the US) haven't had any issues so far.

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for the only real advice so far. :) I will look at coinbase.

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Don't do it! digital currencies are the devil!

Put your money in war bonds - they're guaranteed.

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I will be transferring any btc i make into

bonds asap.

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What do you plan to sell to

What do you plan to sell to make BitCoin?

in the OP

Im a tattoo artist. Our crowd (tattooers) tends to be a pretty independent and anti-gov group. Most that I know are stacking pm's. And almost all of us use the interwebs to market ourselves, so we have to stay up on the latest trends and social media. So, the idea some will have btc to spend is certainly a big possibility. Tattoos are expensive ( $125/hr. is my rate). Anyone who bought into btc early could get a lot of work for literally a few U.S. dollars. Then I can either transfer my new btc into $, or keep some/all.
I was a huge skeptic, and still am cautious about it because of the learning curve for me...but I am willing to give it a shot!
I also advertise that I accept barter, gold, silver, ?...what do you got? :)

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy