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A Rand Paul Cabinet...

So ya wanna be President? You're going to have a 'smaller' government? Oh-o-o-ooo K!
It's simply MIND BOGGLING..
Let's look at 'just' the number of Presidential appointees upon gaining office... before 'playing' with the 'key' positions.

Let's talk about cabinet positions... but first, a little education.

Regarding Appointments that come 'under' Presidential Executive Authority via Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, known as the Appointments Clause...

Did you know:
Since 2011, when Obama 'streamlined' the process (by INCREASING the positions NO LONGER NEEDING Senate approval), that there are now (GAO reported) a TOTAL of:

3,799 politically appointed, Executive 'controlled' federal positions... including:

Direct Appointments
1,217 Presidential Appointments WITH Senate approval (PAS) (top of 'food chain'/Cabinet Agency Secretaries)
321 Direct Presidential Appointed Positions (PA) no Senate approval (While 'direct' often serve PAS appointees but include 'Czars')

Sub Appointments/ no Senate approval of the above:
789 Senior Executive Service (SES) Appointments/no Senate approval (sub appointments w/ Presidential review and serve PAS; are THE major link to Federal workforce)
1,392 Schedule C Appointments/no Senate approval (sub appointments w/ Presidential review, usually changed w/ EACH incoming President & handed out as 'political favors')

"At the Pleasure of the President"

By their very nature, presidential political appointments are not for people looking for a stable, long-term career. In order to be appointed in the first place, political appointees are expected to support the policies and goals of the president's administration. As the GAO puts it, "Individuals serving in political appointments generally serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and do not have the job protections afforded to those in career-type appointments."
Ok.. that's a brief overview of almost 4000 leadership positions that a President DIRECTLY HIRES to carry out his 'policies' AND Federal Law!
That's a LOT of responsibility YOU must delegate and 'trust' to fulfill what YOU promised to the VOTERS who elected you. MOST of these people you won't and haven't ever met!! (and YOU'RE responsible for THEIR screw-ups... the LEAST you can do is FIRE them when they screw up... Barry hasn't fired ONE!!! --but I digress..)

Let's focus on the PAS positions... the TOP of the Federal 'Food Chain'.

There are 1,217 PAS Positions... and that's TOO many to rationally discuss...

Here are just 30 of the White House Cabinet/+ positions (not tenured)
that a 'President Rand Paul' will replace w/ Senate approval :)

(1) Vice President of the United States ???
(2) Secretary of State ???
(3) Secretary of the Treasury ???
(4) Secretary of Defense ???
(5) Attorney General ???
(6) Administrator - Drug Enforcement Administration ???
(7) Director - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
(8) Inspector General
(9) Director of National Drug Control Policy ("Drug Czar")

(10) Secretary of the Interior ???
(11) Secretary of Agriculture ???
(12) Secretary of Commerce ???
(13) Secretary of Labor ???
(14) Secretary of Health and Human Services ???
(15) Secretary of Housing and Urban Development ???
(16) Secretary of Transportation ???
(17) Secretary of Energy ???
(18) Secretary of Education ???
(19) Department of Veterans Affairs ???

(20) Secretary of Homeland Security ???
(21) Office of Management and Budget (Executive Office of the President) Director
(22) FEMA Director

(23) White House Chief of Staff ???
(24) Environmental Protection Agency / Administrator ???

Select Committee on Intelligence

Department of Justice
(25)Assistant Attorney General - National Security Division

Department of State
(26)Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Research

Department of the Treasury
(27)Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis

Central Intelligence Agency

Director of National Intelligence
(29)Principal Deputy Director
(30)Director, National Counterterrorism Center

►This is just 30... you've got 3,769 more 'trusted' appointees to go.

Obama's been there for almost 6 years and plenty of positions remain unfilled... and THESE 4000 only include the untenured positions...

Every DAY brings a NEW batch of 'expiring' terms for THOUSANDS MORE 2/3/4/5/6 year 'tenured' positions that expire & come under executive authority which you have to (obviously) then delegate and trust to sub-appoint to GOD KNOWS WHO higher up in your administrative food chain.

It's a FRANKENSTEIN on autopilot... and these are just the 'top' positions.. every one of the 'secretaries' have under-secretaries with under-secretaries and other management officials and on and on.

I think, when you come down to it... it's MORE about the FIRING than the HIRING.

I wonder if Rand Paul is up for it. We desperately need it.

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Its all a bunch of shit to

Its all a bunch of shit to make it look so complicated no one knows what to do and they give up ... Sort of like your post. Get rid of it all and keep things simple. When u make laws all u need is 1 or 2 pages ... Not 1 million pages of garbage that doesnt make sense and hidden things sneaked into it

my post IS simplified...

I 'distilled' it after MUCH reading...
you have no idea how complicated it REALLY is...
that's the whole POINT of my post..

Like it or not.. the scenario I attempt to describe
is what a President Rand Paul will walk into on day one.

Don't shoot the messenger.
My message is the researched 'reality'..
the job description w/o all the glitter.


I dont get it.

So why do you call moochers, leaders? All the government is a mooch. You people place your hopes on some fairy thing that only if you vote for it, it will set you free. PLEAAASSSSEEEE.

After he shuts down most of the departments

there will be fewer appointments to make. I do wonder what position he will appoint his Dad to? If not VP then maybe secretary of state?

to my knowledge...

son Paul made no such promises.

Of course not, if he did he wouldn't get the Republican

nomination, his daddy didn't raise a fool.

I think I'm missing your point

What does this have to do with Rand?

Are you saying that he shouldn't run because the current system has too many positions he needs to fill?


I'm simply putting the HAY on the floor where the cows can eat it.
It's ONE thing to 'comment' and have fun and 'simplify' what a 'Rand Paul President' would 'mean' towards 'change'...
it's quite ANOTHER thing to actually look at just a LITTLE bit..
of what a SHITSTORM of a job HE (or anyone) is headed into.

It's great if you're a narcissist or an ego-maniac..
but Rand's neither one.
I think, what I'm actually saying with this post...
is L@@k at it, the 'job'... and MARVEL!!!! (and pray)
That's all.

Don't appoint the useless

Don't appoint the useless positions.

That should reduce the number by about 4000.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


sure... HA!

now MULTIPLY by THOUSANDS of 'unsupervised/unaccountable' MORE headless chickens drawing a paycheck. lolollllol.