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U.S. search for missing Malaysian jetliner cost $2.5 mln so far

The U.S. military's search for the missing Malaysian jetliner has cost $2.5 million so far, the Pentagon estimated on Friday, adding it has set aside about $4 million for the hunt so far, enough to cover operations through early April.

It was the first disclosure of costs for the U.S. ships and aircraft joining the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370, which went missing almost two weeks ago with 239 people aboard.

The United States initially dispatched the Navy's guided-missile destroyer USS Kidd, as well as the USS Pinckney, to comb the seas for any signs of wreckage. They have been withdrawn.

Two U.S. spy planes are now hunting for the jet, including an advanced P-8A Poseidon designed to spot submarines.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren acknowledged that some of the costs of the hunt would have been money spent regardless. He did not say whether the United States might seek any reimbursement from Malaysia.

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