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Myers-Briggs Test: What type of personality are you?

In my opinion, it is important for a person's long-term happiness to know themselves - as much as possible. Being aware of what type of personality you have is a valuable asset in that endeavor.

In another post, user matt_ wrote a comment that mentioned the Myers-Briggs Test. After StartPaging the test, I found a simple one that only consists of four questions. I was amazed once I read about the results I obtained.

According to the test, I am of the type ISTP. From Wikipedia:

According to Myers-Briggs, ISTPs excel at analyzing situations to reach the heart of a problem so that they can swiftly implement a functional repair, making them ideally suited to the field of engineering. Naturally quiet people, they are interested in understanding how systems operate, focusing on efficient operation and structure. But contrary to their seemingly detached nature, ISTPs are often capable of humorously insightful observations about the world around them. ISTPs abhor waste (be it in time, effort, or resources) but are highly adaptable, making them open to new information and approaches. They enjoy exploring new things, and can become bored with repetitiveness and routine. They can also be closet daredevils who gravitate toward fast-moving or risky hobbies (such as bungee jumping, hang gliding, racing, motorcycling, and skydiving), recreational sports (such as downhill skiing, paintball, ice hockey, and scuba diving), and careers (such as aviation and firefighting).

ISTPs may sometimes seem to act without regard for procedures, directions, protocol, or even their own safety. But while their approach may seem haphazard, it is in fact based on a broad store of knowledge developed over time through action and keen observation. ISTPs enjoy self-sufficiency and take pride in developing their own solutions to problems.

ISTPs can often be a frustration to their friends or partners due to a propensity to ignore everyone while deeply absorbed in a task. The ISTP should be careful that they do not cause offence by this seeming aloofness, as it could have a negative impact on otherwise great relationships.

ISTPs are content to let others live according to their own rules and preferences, as long as the favor is reciprocated. ISTPs endure reasonable impositions without complaint — but if their "territory" is encroached upon, eroded, or violated, their quiet, easy-going nature is quickly abandoned in favor of stubborn and staunch defense of what they view as rightfully theirs. It has been observed that a slogan that best describes this ISTP attitude is "Don't Tread On Me."

The description pretty much hits the nail on the head. I'm happy to be in good company:

What type of personality do you have?

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Thanks for the link Walters, nice one!

Hey, this explains why I always ignore chat requests!


INTJ, really describes me. I follow through with things I'm interested in. Enjoy learning new things and getting other people's perspective. Of course Liberty is a big deal with me too. Great place here for that.

INTJ myself.

INTJ myself.

my result



That's what my Myers Briggs test said when I took the test years ago.

Minnesota Mary

These are the 16 temperaments.

There are 9 motivations.

Useful, Proud, Efficient, Special, Observant, Loyal, Cheerul, Strong and Comfortable.

I am and Observant INFP, my daughter is an Observant ISTJ.

Motivated the same way but with decidedly different temperaments.

Free includes debt-free!


I copied that list of adjectives into Google and I can't find anything.

9 motivations sometimes called the enneigram.

Hurly and Donson's books worked easily for me.

A very dear friend, just blinks at that. He prefers, Richard Rohr on audio tape:

I am familiar with both and find them sound and trustworthy.

My sex, temperament, drives, appetites, perceptions are mine. Some find this these categorizations tedious. But to answer the question of "Who I am? What clues can I find as to "What I am?.

And most importantly, how my motivations can drown me or help me fly.

The Invisible Way avoids the Last Barrier.

Free includes debt-free!

INTJ here

and looking for an ENFP woman :)

I'm an ISTP woman.

I took the test about 10-12 years ago and I was shocked how it defined me better than I could define myself!!

ISTP is a very masculine personality and its rare to find an ISTP female. We have masculine interests and are thinkers. :-) most of us hate shopping, unless its Home Depot or the gun store.

I think it's great fun to be an ISTP Female. And yeah I'm a badass! Haha!




I'm ISTP as well. How funny is it that there seem to be a lot of us with the same/similar results.


I could go either way on intuitive vs. sensing; I've gotten both ISTP and INTP depending on the test, never anything else.

It is kind of neat - as INTP I share a personality with both Charles Darwin and St. Thomas Aquinas, and as ISTP, I share a personality with both Ron Paul and Vladimir Putin.

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday

for a Hamburger today.

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I don't fit into a mold

I guess I failed the personality test.


You're one of those.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

I got ISTP as well.

"ISTPs can often be a frustration to their friends or partners due to a propensity to ignore everyone while deeply absorbed in a task. The ISTP should be careful that they do not cause offence by this seeming aloofness, as it could have a negative impact on otherwise great relationships."

I find this so true for me. I am completely oblivious to drama at work, and am totally absorbed in my task that it gets me in trouble. Im not paying attention/interested in all the subtle dramas, that sometimes people get upset at me because I am unaware which means insensitive to the issues.

I felt like the description was good though.




I could go either way on question 4. Also, nice to see that Thomas Jefferson was an INTJ as well!

ENTP here - amazed at how few

ENTP here - amazed at how few like me - but definitely can identify with all you intp's

This is bigger than any individual

Give it time

I used to be as ENTP as a fellow could be. As the decades have passed, I have begun to be far less rigid in my outlook and ways. The "T" remains rock-solid, however.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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I don't need a test

to tell me about my personality. I know me well enough to make that determination myself.

So I took the test anyway. INTJ. Fairly accurate description on Wikipedia. 1-2% of the population which sounds about right.

This personality test deal is pretty interesting

Turns out I am an INFP

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But agree with the posters below that said there were categories that could be harder to determine.

'common' posted a great link that actually weights your preferences in the four categories:


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I found

that I'm split on everything. This test seems to be like a fortune cookie. ISTP was my best guess, which fits me, but I think we could all fit into most.


INTP here

Michael Nystrom's picture

Derrel Walters compliation

Thanks for the thread, kiddo.


He's the man.

I tested out as the worst kind of person - a DERP...

Delusional Extemporaneous Recalcitrant Putz.

Shoot me now.

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definitely entertaining righteous panda

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I thought it was Delapidated Enigmatic Retrofitted Pimp.

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