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Mark Manier, libertarian running as Republican for Michigan House, launches Facebook and Twitter accounts

Hello, everyone! My name is Mark Manier. During the 2012 presidential campaign, I was a regional coordinator for Dr. Ron Paul. I also spent my internship for school with his campaign. I am libertarian, and I am running for the Michigan House of Representatives in the 27th district. I would be more than happy to tell you my positions on any issue, just ask! I recently launched my Twitter and Facebook campaign accounts. I am used to using Facebook, but I have never used Twitter before. If you have a Twitter account, please follow me. I actually just got my first follower today, and I created the account a week ago! :) I should have my website up very soon, and I will let you know as soon as it's launched. Please take the time to check out my pages, if you have a Twitter or Facebook account.


And here is a picture of myself and Congressman Kerry Bentivolio


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Here are a couple more pictures I took of the house

I really should take down the Christmas lights on the porch :P But my neighbor still has his up too!



Here is a map of my district


Good to hear it!

From someone who has upton as Rep. NDAA supporter and a bought and paid for scum.

Here is a response to me from upton the scum

Thank you for contacting me regarding activities carried out by the National Security Administration (NSA). I too am outraged over the recent record of the NSA abuse of the law that many of us felt would restrain abuses by requiring FISA court approval prior to any attempt to intercept emails and phones.

Following the release of even more information of mishandling and neglect by those with access to data, as well as an internal audit by the NSA, it is clear that the agency failed to comply with privacy procedures and practices regarding the monitoring of collected information. It is also clear that while the programs are achieving results in stopping attacks, Congress is needed to provide the structure and oversight needed to protect individual's right to privacy. The boundaries and protections under current law exist to protect the privacy of individuals and must be adhered to and held to the highest scrutiny.

President Obama has announced his own plan to tighten provisions contained within the Patriot Act and Congress must do the same. I would note that in the dozen years since the Patriot Act was enacted, the critics of these programs have not put forth one American citizen who has been harmed or persecuted. Not one. What is clear is the effectiveness of these programs in protecting our nation and I believe that we can provide that protection while safeguarding the privacy of Americans

The USA FREEDOM Act was introduced by Rep. James Sensenbrener (R-WI) on October 29 th , 2013. This bill seeks to address the government's mass collection of data by requiring the Attorney General to publicly disclose all of the decisions made by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), and sets numerous requirements to be met before the lawful collection of information. This bill would also require the government to make annual or semiannual public reports that provide an estimate of the total number of individuals that were subject to electronic surveillance. The bill is currently pending before the House Judiciary, Intelligence and Financial Services Committees.

The fact remains however, that innocent Americans are alive today because of information pieced together by the NSA. Some 50 terrorist operations have been disrupted because of the NSA program and these tactics likely prevented the blowing up of an oil pipeline in Yemen in August. One such attack that was prevented was the planned bombing of the New York City subway system masterminded by a man named Naji Bullahzazzi. More than 1,000 innocent Americans owe their lives to these tools and programs that led to authorities stopping this attack.

The 9/11 Commission clearly stated that the prime reason that we did not stop the attack was because we failed to connect the dots. In Congress' role to provide for the common defense, this program is critical to helping us connect those dots and has directly contributed to stopping 54 terrorist threats and saved thousands of lives. In fulfilling Congress' we must ensure that the information collected does not violate the rights of innocent law-abiding American citizens.

I was one that personally witnessed the 9/11 attack in Washington, D.C. and assisted at the World Trade Center site the following week. I made a promise that I would do all that I can to ensure that innocent lives would not again be lost. As the methods and technology of those who wish to harm us and our way of life evolve, it is important that our defenses advance to protect our citizens. What has occurred within the NSA is a failure of oversight of American's most basic rights, and I will join my colleagues in the House in working towards the most effective reforms that protect our privacy and defend our nation.

I would like to assure you that I have consistently supported the protection of citizen's rights and the privacy of their personal information. During consideration of H.R. 2937 I supported an amendment offered by Representative Mike Pompeo (R-KS) that prohibits the NSA from targeting a U.S. person or acquiring and storing the content of their communications, including phone calls and e-mails. It also clarifies that the government is not permitted to listen or to store Americans' telephone conversations through this act. This amendment passed on a vote of 409-12. In 2011, I opposed the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), which would have expanded and allowed the federal government unfettered access to regulate the internet and have access to users' information. Thankfully this bill did not make it out of the Judiciary Committee and received no action on the House floor.

So, bottom line – I do and will support a lot of reforms to counter abuse and protect constitutional rights of Americans. As Congress continues to oversee these types of programs and monitor their use of information, rest assured I will be vigilant in their respect of individuals' privacy and ensure that in defending our nation we do not ignore the rights of our citizens.

As always, I look forward to your continued input and appreciate your comments. Thank you for contacting me on this very important matter and I look forward to your continued input on the major issues facing our state and nation. Please do not hesitate to contact my office if I may be of assistance in the future.

Very truly yours,

Fred Upton
Member of Congress



"Connect the dots" Upton is an ass. :D I have Sander Levin as my representative in the US House, so I feel your pain. I'm in the 9th congressional district. Here is my current state representative in the 27th district
She is term limited out though in the next election. I will be facing off against one of three new Democrats if I win the Republican primary. So, at least I'm not running against an incumbent. However, the past two elections have been over 70% in favor of the Democrat. But I think a libertarian like myself would do much better than past Republican candidates in the district.

I was about to mention Levin's competition

But I actually just came across your post from last year concerning him. I don't want to muck up this thread with any business about that guy though.

I lived in Pleasant Ridge for two years before I moved out of state a few years back. Moved back to Michigan 14 months ago, in Redford now. I totally agree that the political leanings of the district and especially Ferndale are an obviously perfect fit for libertarianism. I hope you can speak your positions to members of the communities loud enough that it drowns out the R that'll be next to your name on the ticket. Your position on what happened with Judge Friedman yesterday will be the paramount litmus for most of those voters, though I'm sure you're well aware.

Welcome back to Michigan!

Haha Yeah, I thought I had a decent candidate for the 9th congressional district, but boy was I wrong! :D I would be more than happy to answer any questions about him, though! Is Redford in Michigan's 11th congressional district, or did it get switched up from the redistricting?

I looked into it

Is all of Redford in district 13? It's hard to tell from this map.
It looks like this guy is probably your representative... unfortunately.

Yep, I've got Conyers

I've tried my best to not let my opinion of his wife spoil my opinion of him. I'm not a huge fan, but when he teams up with Justin Amash on things like HR3361 I'm happy to have him.

Good Point!

At least he's not Sander Levin! :P

Or, apparently, George Brikho.

Since you swung the conversation back to Levin it's kind of begging the question. Did Brikho just co-opt the libertarian philosophy for gain? Does he actually believe in the things he professes to and he just happens to also be crooked or does him being crooked include lying about the things he says he believes? I'm sure he's at least 100% behind marijuana legalization judging by his business.

More to the point, how much did your experience with him directly influence your decision to enter politics yourself?

Good questions!

I met George while working as the campaign coordinator for Dr. Paul's 2012 campaign. George had a big picture of Ron in the window of his store, so I stopped in and kept him supplied with campaign materials throughout the election. After, George got a hold of me and asked for help setting up his congressional campaign. George is pro-marijuana, and he is right on a lot of the issues. But really only the common sense issues. He refused to take the time to learn about economic issues. If you asked him if he thought the president was a Keynesian, he would think you were asking him if the president was from Kenya. It took me a long time to explain to him why mandatory military service for all 18-year-olds was a bad idea. Hopefully he no longer holds that view, but many of his views were inconsistent with libertarianism.

He is running purely out of narcissism. Without getting into too much detail, after seeing his business practices, the way he conducts himself in private, and his attitudes toward liberty, I could no longer work for him. Sander Levin is an awful representative, but George is a disaster. He is far too unprofessional and ignorant of the issues to be campaigning for US Congress. For example, he recently posted a news article on his Facebook page about radical Muslims raping and murdering a Christian woman. He wrote "US Taxpayers are responsible for this" as the caption. As libertarians who have taken the time to understand complex issues, we know the Federal Reserve plays the biggest part in funding our misguided foreign policy. Blaming US Tax Payers for a rape in Syria is just offensive. It's statements like these, which he seems to be making all the time now, that are very troubling.

Libertarians are finally making some serious ground across the country and within the GOP. The last thing we need is some unprofessional narcissist like George being used to paint us all as radical loons who don't know what they're talking about. I have a bunch of wildly inappropriate Facebook posts from George that I have screen grabbed and saved on my computer. I'll probably put together a Daily Paul article about it soon, so people know not to waste their time or money on his campaign. With people like Justin Amash out there, we don't have any resources to waste on people like George.

I am running for state representative because I was approached by some members of Campaign for Liberty and asked to run. I am an active member of the liberty movement, and we have a strategy. I automatically become a member of the executive board within the county's Republican party by winning the GOP primary. Without even winning the Michigan House seat, us libertarians still win. I have been involved with Campaign for Liberty since Dr. Paul's campaign, so I already knew the local group. I got in touch with the national group while working for George's campaign. I had filled out all of George's Campaign For Liberty questionnaires, and I contacted Campaign For Liberty after I left George's campaign to personally warn them about his unprofessional behavior. I think C4L knew they could depend on me to help them spread the message of liberty in my district and throughout the GOP, and I'm happy to do it!

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Start advertising for yourself...

Start an Adwords campaign with ads pointing to your website, videos, or your fabebook page. You can limit the ads to show just in specific zip codes. I've posted instructions on the DP how to do it and its quite inexpensive. There are lots of ways to advertise beyond Adwords but every bit helps. Feel free to message me directly if you have questions, I'm happy to help.

rEVOLutionary Advertising Corps
It's Better Than Sitting On Your Rump Doing Nothing™

Thank you!

I should have the website complete soon, and I will definitely take you up on the offer once I finish the site and get a chance to look into Adworks.


I just followed you. Follow @johnyowan and retweet his #libertarianfollowtrain tweet from Friday. Follow others who retweeted the same thing. They'll follow you back. Good luck. It would be amazing to have you in there. You know how badly we need libertarian influence in MI.


That was an excellent idea! Thank you!! I just followed your advice about five minutes ago and I already have people returning the favor. Thanks again!

I think you guys will get a kick out of this

I took these pictures earlier today of my home in Ferndale, Michigan. I still have my Ron Paul signs out on my front porch, and I am flying Benjamin Franklin's "Join, or Die" flag. Ferndale is part of district 27 and so is Berkley, Hazel Park, Huntington Woods, Oak Park, Pleasant Ridge, and Royal Oak Township.