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Iraq vet hurt by Oakland cops in protest gets $4.5M

Oakland will pay Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen $4.5 million for permanent brain injuries he suffered when police broke up an Occupy Wall Street protest in October 2011.

The settlement of his 2012 federal lawsuit against the city was announced Friday.

"I didn't win part of my brain back that's dead," Olsen, 26, said at a news conference. "Right now, I'm still focusing on my recovery and how I can continue to be a productive person in life."

The former U.S. Marine who served two tours was struck by a beanbag an unidentified officer fired from a shotgun less than 30 feet away. The lead-filled projectile fractured his skull and a vertebrae and caused brain hemorrhaging.


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This young man got one rude awakening.

"I guess I thought that I wasn't in Iraq anymore, you know, I'd be more or less safe," Olsen said. "I wasn't going to get shot. I wasn't going to be attacked. Oakland police proved me wrong in that, and it makes me feel less safe in general, especially around people who are supposed to be protecting you. I don't feel safe at all around police."