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Desperate Brian Ellis uses Ron Paul to attack Amash on abortion

from his facebook page:

Brian Ellis for Congress

Before the April vote to defund Planned Parenthood, Congressman Ron Paul said, “As a father, Christian and Obstetrician, I find it shameful that our government uses the tax dollars of citizens to fund Planned Parenthood.” Unlike Justin Amash, Ron Paul voted in favor of Republican efforts to stop our tax dollars from funding America’s largest abortion provider.

“I believe using our tax dollars to fund America’s largest abortion provider is wrong. According to Right to Life of Michigan, Justin Amash had committed to support all efforts to stop our tax dollars from funding pro-abortion groups, but twice Justin Amash refused to vote for Republican efforts to eliminate taxpayer funding of America’s largest abortion provider. I am pro-life and I will vote pro-life,” said Brian Ellis.


Justin is having a moneybomb on March 25th, join the facebook event page here if you would like to send Ellis a message.

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I just think it's funny

he would use Ron Paul of all people to attack Justin, like he is going to pick up any votes by doing that. And as if he had any respect for Ron in the first place.

Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis Ellis

Who is Ellis running against? I forget. All I see it Elis Elis Elis

he's running against Amash.

see title of thread.

May I suggest

more Amash, Amash, Amash and less Ellis.. all media is good media when people remember your name. If not for you and a couple of others, I wouldn't know about Ellis.

Think about it. More Amsh, less Ellis.

You would think granger

would know who ellis is running against!
But there again, granger supports the establishment.