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If they were really fighting for our freedom...this is what it would look like!

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The way I interpret this...

The troops are there to retake that which has been 'set ablaze' by traitors within.
It's an evocative image, not to be taken literally.

this isn't the middle east or the third world.

Sure the government funded military will take over the white house and instill more freedom. Since when has a military coup ever lead to more freedom? This is the kind of silly toby keith "boot in your ass" moronic tag lines that makes it easy for the opposition to scare the middle away from voting for conservatives. Did john mccain make this? He always views military action as necessary.

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it's headed that way.

The middle class is being wiped out, wages are being forced down through cheap labor, and they are building a domestic army with DHS. It bared it's fangs in Boston, the cradle of liberty. (Symbolic imo)
They're poisoning our food, water, our "medicines" and playing God with our climate.
They own the monetary system, the vote, the media, the food, the energy, the property, and in many cases peoples' minds.
They abuse our armed forces in endless wars of aggression, leading to record suicides. Then they are turned loose on the streets as cops, or just drugged up and forgotten about in general.

TPTB's motto is "order out of chaos." And, they will bring the chaos, just as they did/allowed on 9/11.
I'm not advocating this action (unless they installed Ron Paul of course...:) but where is the breaking point? Anyone who's been paying attention knows that they are trying to provoke people to shoot first. That way they can clamp down faster, instead of incrementally. If one thinks it "can't happen here," then idk what to say..

But, isn't it our duty to "abolish" a govt. that no longer serves the people? Isn't it part of a soldier's oath to protect from "enemies both foreign and domestic?"

What is the solution when our vote has been stolen at the push of a button? I hate to be debbie downer here, but I don't think this problem can be "loved" away. I don't think these people who cling to power are going to go quietly into the night.

Where is energy best focused? I'm all ears/eyes for solutions. Whistling past the graveyard isn't going to cut it.

"Those that make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable." And the latter, is the LAST thing I want to see. That's what led me to support Ron Paul in the first place.

Since Venezuala apparently.

Since Venezuala apparently.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

What Next?

I love these statements!No wonder America sucks so bad.Marches don't work,protest don't work,votes don't count and the net doesn't work so what next?

Oh My God

Talk about a knee jerk reaction.

Sure, let's burn down the White House and that would fix everything.

The British would be like, "See, I told you they'd torch themselves."

Come on people! How could anyone seriously be an advocate for the military destruction of the White House?

I'm not a fan of military coups, sorry.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


I think this is a "knee jerk reaction." I don't ever remember learning about this in US History-Never forget.


If they were really fighting

If they were really fighting for our freedom...this is what it would look like!

War of 1812


"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Lovin' THIS

But I'd like to see the captured terrorists lined up in black hoods and zip ties.
And some bodily remains too.

Sure, let's act evil to

Sure, let's act evil to defeat evil...

Not my cup of tea, thank you.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If they were really fighting

If they were really fighting for our freedom...this is what it would look like!

Kudo's to you sir and I don't

Kudo's to you sir and I don't give that very often, especially here. That took chutzpah to post. Everybody here is now probably on a list.

Truth is the enemy in the empire of lies

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

But, but, but...they're

But, but, but...they're HEROES! You can't argue with HEROES! Why do you hate the troops?

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Then move

So strange that anti-war show a picture of the US capital on fire surrounded by foreign troops. That's hate, not freedom.

I AGREE, this picture is

I AGREE, this picture is disgusting.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

If they were really fighting

If they were really fighting for our freedom...this is what it would look like!

how you figure

civil war is freedom?

fighting a

fighting a communist....fighting someone who is trying like hell to destroy this nation. OH but I bet you think they should be over in Israel getting ready to invade Syria. whether you like it or not this is what it will come to. STUDY YOUR HISTORY!

I was talking about pending civil war in the US

Why invade Syria.. Assad and Putin want to depopulate Syrias that's their business. Israel has nothing to do with that. Israel is going to protect Israel.. the rest can depopulate their nations with the UN Agenda any way they like. They want Israel's help? Send a rocket BOOM Israel will hit you twice as hard, no second chance.. you're OUt. It's all over. Don't mess with Israel.

Islam wants to wipe out populations from Syria for Assad and Putin, that's their business. Israel has much better things to do, like make better drones, and better spy ware, and deslaination plats, medical instruments, on and on.. I love Israel because Israel produces against all odds. Amazing really.

Should the photo show

cheerleaders, instead?

pot heads

would be better

Afraid to ask



MSM has romanticized the pot head for decades.. I went to four high schools in the 70s.. everyone at every school smoked pot but the unpopular and parent controlled. I thought my generation was going to change things.. cheech and chong.. folms, comedy.. we all just laughed our way through it until the 90s when CA prop 215 came out.. still it was one joke after the next... meanwhile.. looking back.. those unpopular kids and the ones who had tight parental controls.. those were the kids who would up excelling.. guess they spent their time better than trying to "score"? But those kids have more control than all the kids in all the HS in the USA..

So.. when it comes to losing our freedom, the pot heads are at the top, because scoring and keeping the police state alive was more important than learning parlamentary rules, going to conventions and ending the war on drugs, for one.

you are such an idiot...

you are such an idiot...

that you

can't complete your thoughts?

Is a 'pothead'

anyone that smokes?


a pot head is someone who would rather take the chance to be fed to the prison industrial complex than get involved politically to end the war on drugs. I've met many.

As a industrail hemp activist in 1993 I collected over 10K signatures for prop 215 in 94 (this was the first attempt to get pro 215 on the ballot). Do you know how many people I asked to sign my petition that were smoking pot or around it? Half. They refused to register to vote, had excuses, refused to sign, paranoid the signatures would be given to the DEA.. It's been a very nasty war on drugs and the amount of drug users who just do drugs but don't politically stand up for their right.. oh I know.. blame Israel and let's light up andother bowl while we're at it. LOL

Doesn't any smoker

'take the chance to be fed to the prison industrial complex'?


Where I live, for example, there are many residents who are smoking and growing with recommendations and tags that enable them to get insurance (property/ and maintain healthcare) and so their rights are protected by the sheriff who has stood up to the feds and the feds focus on "illegal grows".. grows and smokers without permits and recommendations.

My understanding is that most anything qualifies for a recommendation, available on a sliding scale so low income can afford a recommendation, and no excuse to not have a recommendation if your're going to smoke for wahtever reason here, with many doctors and dispoensaries that have all kinds of events.