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Rand Paul Is Sinking the Surgeon General Nominee

Eleanor Clift

Democrats thought they would win confirmation for more of President Obama’s nominees by waiving the 60-vote filibuster hurdle for executive branch appointments, but they didn’t factor in nervous red-state senators afraid of taking tough votes that could sink their reelection in November.

The latest apparent casualty is Vivek Murthy, a 30-something British-born American doctor, whose parents are from India, and whose Ivy League credentials and activism on public-health issues includes co-founding Doctors for America, which launched in 2008 as Doctors for Obama.

Murthy is Obama’s nominee to become surgeon general, the nation’s top doctor and a mostly ceremonial post that occupants use to highlight and elevate health issues of national concern. Testifying before Congress, Murthy said he would focus on obesity, but Republican Sen. Rand Paul believes Murthy would use the post to “propagandize” on behalf of the Affordable Care Act and against the Second Amendment.


The White House is now “recalibrating” what to do, and with as many as 10 Democrats poised to defect, Murthy looks like a lost cause. “The last thing they want is to take a vote that is considered anti-Second Amendment,” says an aide to Sen. Paul, who is leading the effort against Murthy. “Nobody wants to walk the electoral plank for a surgeon general,” the aide adds. “If it were a Supreme Court nominee, maybe….”


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Let's all...

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To all you people that act

To all you people that act like Rand is the enemy, this man is fighting for us RIGHT NOW, and on a level that his father never could! RAND IS THE MAN! Not to take away from Dr Ron Paul, but where he was completely ostracized, Rand talks to everybody and everybody listens! He seems very adept at achieving that delicate balance between standing up for what we believe and working within the political system. Thank God for Rand Paul!

And I bet Dr. Ron is SO DAMNED PROUD of him right now!

maybe Obama

should try to nominate Sanjay Gupta again, I would be OK with that probably, now that he has come around :D


Documentary worth watching regarding medical weed-43 minutes

Governor Christy is in it and it is not favorable. He can be a real B_______. Family with an ill girl had to move out of the state because of him. I would like to see Dr. Sanjay Gupta nominated again. He did an excellent job on this documentary.