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Russia Backs off Economic Retaliation - Says "Never Mind"

The threated U.S. sanctions against Russia turned out to be a non event, with the United States placing sanctions on eight Russian cabinet members (but not Putin himself) leaving the Russian President to declare there was no further need to retaliate against the United States.

This issue may be raised at a future date. But for now Russia has Crimea and is still using dollars.



You can skip to the section on Russia by going to the You Tube version and clicking on the time where that section starts which is at 33:54

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Front page of the NYTimes

is the headline:

Russia Begins to Feel Pressure on Economy From Sanctions


If one reads only liberal media, the world is a very different place.

Yep as if Russia didn't get exactly what they wanted!

Sanctions didn't stop them from basically annexing Crimea.
The west got the Ukraine which will now need to be bailed out and Russia got Crimea and all its oil.
Those sanctions did nothing. Now they are working on a gas agreement with China

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Russia's biggest bank is down and more to follow

Master and Visa cards are closed to Russians

The US says Bank Rossiya has links to senior Russian officials

Visa and MasterCard have blocked credit card services to some Russian bank customers as a result of US sanctions.

Four banks are so far affected, all of which have links to Russians blacklisted by the US.

Visa and MasterCard, both US-based companies, are forbidden from having any dealings with those targeted by the sanctions.

The banks, which said card services stopped without warning, have described the move as unlawful.

'Frozen out'

One of the banks affected, Bank Rossiya, is described by the US as Russia's 15th largest, with assets of $12bn (£7.27bn).

The St Petersburg-based bank has been singled out by Washington as the personal bank for senior Russian officials. US officials said it would be "frozen out" from the dollar.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Bank Rossiya had nothing to do with events in Crimea and promised to transfer his wages there.


No one wins in this type of financial retaliation

Sure the US could hurt Russia but Russia could also hurt the US by moving away from the dollar. Jim Rickards and Celente think that Russia could also hack the US stock market.
Escalation won't help either side

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what's your solution?

I don't have solutions, just observations

I'm not in a position to conduct or influence foreign policy

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How Would Neo Cons Handled The Evidence of Missiles in Cuba?

discussed at 38:49

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Didn't listen yet, but hmmm... wonder what affected their plans?

Could it be the influence of that damn Liberty Movement?

However, potentially this could have been part of the plan all along. On the other hand, the big boy talk is becoming quite a bit more docile sounding.

You can skip straight to the Russia discussion

by going to 33:54

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mentioned that the pretenses for selling the Iraq War

are still fresh in people's memory as is the attempt on Syria.
But I think in this case the US was not itching for military action as they might have been nervous about Russia's attack on the dollar or denial of safe passage from Afghanistan through russia

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The US Central Government is always itching for military action

They've now admitted that they're no longer the preeminent world superpower.

Step 1 complete.

(If all of this is true.)

If the US were preeminent one "don't cross this line"

would have been enough for Russia to retreat to Siberia. Instead they walked into Crimea

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the small

sanctions that we imposed were meant to give the Russians an "out". It looks as though they took advantage of it. From a strategic standpoint maybe we were looking to start some crap there to bog down their forces so that we could do more in Syria..??? Don't know, I still think Putin and Obama are lovers. :)

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
- Ron Paul

perhaps its the other way around

the US knew that Russia held two cards
-stop taking the dollar
-prevent the US from exiting Afghanistan through Russia

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