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How Do You Rescue A Child From A Cult?

I know this is not the normal stuff put on here..but Im trying to help someone to help a child that's been kidnapped you could say. The woman posted this..Im sharing it with you
**THIS IS HOW RUTHERFORD COUNTY DSS FEELS THEY SHOULD HANDLE SOMEONE COMING FORWARD REGARDING THEIR ABUSIVE SITUATION: On Wednesday night, a 17 year old girl from Word of Faith Fellowship ran away because she wanted to leave the "church". On Thursday morning a Cleveland County DSS worker showed up at a friend of mines house asking if the girl was there (the DSS worker is a member of the church). At this point this (off duty) DSS worker from Cleveland County told my friend that criminal charges would be taken out if the girl was at his house, essentially threatening him. He spent all day trying to help find her, because he was worried (at this point she's been outside for almost 24 hours). Her parents never reported it to the local police (because then they would have to admit that they hold people hostage, which isn't an option). Needless to say, the girl went to the Rutherford County DSS for help because she was SCARED, and THEY RETURNED HER TO WORD OF FAITH!
Please share this status. This is how local officials are handling these situations. They are so worried that Word of Faith will sue them again, that they can not even do the job they were hired to do. These children are not safe. It takes a lot of courage to come forward and admit someone is abusing you, and this girl finally mustered up that courage. And who turned on her? The only people she thought would be able to help her, the local Department of Social Services.
Anyone who was involved in this, I hope you know you are a COWARD! You have one job, to protect. DO IT, or get another job!!**

Youtube word of faith fellowship scandal and you'll see why the child is in danger..Im looking for helpful ways to help rescue her.
You can find me on FB under the name Misfit4Peace...my real name will show..if you have ideas..post them here or there to me..Thank you

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Did DSS terminate parental rights?

Parents are legally responsible for any child under the age of consent.

Did the child emancipate herself at age 16?

The best way to remove your child from a cult:


Everything you need is here.

Everything you need is here. Thank you for bringing this up.

(...and "someone" is not happy). Yes: There are people like that. Don't let that bother you.

***START AT THE BOTTOM*** I started this there and added on top.

I helped someone before and that is how I know how to go about something like this. You have YEARS of research end experience below.

It only took me an evening to compile it for you. Now that you have it, imagine what you could do in just ONE WEEK: You can set up everything you need for now.

Your line of communication with your friend is extremely important at this point. The more you know the better you can help. This is very sad. Be very strong and be happy that NOW you know and can begin to help. Always look on the bright side.

NEVER FEEL DISEMPOWERED. Ever. Same goes to your friend.



Wisdom Strategies

Start Making Special Friendships & Unique Connections.

Start Making Special Friendships & Unique Connections.

Document Everything and Save. Have trusted friends hold it.

Someone tries to touch you or this girl? You have SERIOUS BACK-UP.

Ideally, they will have NO IDEA of what you are working on :)

A Video Introduction of yourself and what you are doing and why is #1. Give that to trusted friends along with the list below.

That is how you protect yourself from these human trash.







Below is everything you will need to do ♥

Wisdom Strategies

DSS itself is a cult and the

DSS itself is a cult and the largest kidnapper of children in the U.S. They kidnap kids daily and those kids are often raped, molested, and/or killed in captivity. Do not call DSS/CPS for 'help'. They are unqualified, inept, and incapable of helping and will likely hurt families and children. This is a huge problem that does not get the attention and understanding it deserves. There are 10s of thousands of families losing their children and parental rights every year to this rouge agency. Calling them is like calling a gang of bandits to help protect your gold and diamonds.

This is horrible

Unfortunately she didn't understand that instead of running to a Social Services office, if she seriously felt like she was being abused, she needed to run to a Sherrif's station. If her life was not physically in danger, then there is absolutely no need to bring any government into the situation. She is 17. I could see this being concerning in preteen/young teen kids. But at 17......

Horrible situation for the family and her nonetheless.

If I Was Helping Someone In A Cult...

I re-read this again and...This explains it all:

" DSS worker is a member of the church". Bingo. Almost knew it. That is why I went back to re-read it. CLASSIC. If it's a small town, even less surprising.


Do You Know What That Could Mean? (I pray NOT).

***This Will Make You Cry Because...in The Worst of cases it's this :)


Tonight I Thank God this girl found you and you came here ♥

***This is so disturbing that honestly, what I WOULD DO next time I see this girl? I would ask her to tell me her story while being recorded on video*** For MY protection as well as hers, I would tell her: Don't tell anyone you told me this for now. And don't only have one copy. Assure her you will get her help but to say nothing.

This is a HUGE enterprise: Focus on YOUR FRIEND first and foremost. Rest assured Word Of Faith must be a CESSPIT of corruption.

This is BIG. VERY. In my opinion, this is a MEGA-CULT :O It is a WORLDWIDE Enterprise, O.K.? Research them.

But DON'T BE AFRAID. Document EVERYTHING you uncover and do. Share with trusted friends. Know someone in Law Enforcement - or a friend who does - that is NOT involved in this? That will be a good friend to have.

***Get The Very Best People In The World Behind You. Really.***

*Make a Video of yourself talking about what you are doing in regards to this girl in this "cult". Give to friends to hold. They "touch" you and THEY GET A SCANDAL. Just in case someone tries to intimidate you: You TRIPLE INTIMIDATE THEM. If they have anything to hide they will be TERRIFIED to upset you, but ideally you do ALL THIS BY STEALTH.

If this girl has a Family Member she trusts who is NOT a "church" member, she should tell that family member if anyone has hurt her.

To help someone like this, the smaller the town, the greater the stealth until ALL BASES are covered.

They know you tried to help her. Now it's time to go Under The Radar and "play dumb" until she is 18 while making the preparations listed below. All parties involved. And they "threaten" those who investigate them? CLASSIC CULT RESPONSE. Cowards. They ARE cowards.

All you need to TURN THE TABLES on them is listed below. R[3]VOLUTION.

You owe it to yourself to WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY. Get your CLOSEST and MOST TRUSTED friends together and EDUCATE THEM on what Cults do and the position you have found yourself in.




If I Was Helping Someone In A Cult, Government Agencies are THE LAST place I would look into for help. With that, you never know how deep the rabbit hole goes.

That is why I say it is dangerous, but it doesn't have to be if you take your time, put together an awesome network with The Best Of The Best. Then you have SERIOUS BACK-UP. All done by stealth. Even better: With some money from donors, I would hire a Private Detective to investigate The Cult Leader & Associates. And NOT just any Detective. Some are corrupt. Someone young, fearless & determined preferably and...INDEPENDENT. You never know what you will find. If you do find criminal activity, YOU'VE GOT THEM BY THE BALLS - all without their knowledge. Dossiers-To-Hold for Independent Journalists First.

If someone is 18+, first thing I would do would be a Home Video of myself explaining what I am doing and a video interview with the person I am helping. Hand videos to friends to hold. Continue adding as time and revelations unfold. Tell friends what to do with those videos if necessity arises. A Potential SCANDAL is The Best Back-Up.

If you have evidence of Criminal Activity, then go to the Authorities. If they do NOTHING, as it has happened many times in these cases, then it is SCANDAL TIME.

That is why doing something like this takes knowledge, time and preparation. The author of this post has an AWESOME time-window of opportunity. 6 months to a year is PERFECT.

Start befriending WELL-KNOWN people on Facebook.

The "How To Guide" Is Below :) ♥

Wisdom Strategies

All praise be to those that enslave you...

For the religious:

"The Kingdom of God is within you."

Jesus: "Where people gather in my name, there is my church."

Give up organized religion.

Start by asking yourself the question, "Why is there a bible version named after a King?"


It occurred to me that since they are 17, it's possible that they are going through a typical phase of teenage rebellion and are exaggerating the problems with their parents cult to gain more rebellion leverage. It might be possible that no 'abuse' is going on, and that the teen wants to call stuff abuse which is actually just the girls way to get her own way rather than submitting to her parents. Of course it might also be a genuine case of abuse, but this possibility should also be considered rather than just assuming that abuse is actually going on.

With Cults You Hope For The Best and Prepare For The Worst.

With Cults You Hope For The Best and Prepare For The Worst.

This is good. Anytime someone wants OUT, that is very good news.

Wisdom Strategies

Isnt it usually that they

Isnt it usually that they cant wait to take kids away from their homes not put them back?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Not If The Parents Are In It.

Not If The Parents Are In It.



Wisdom Strategies


Seventeen years old is a teen. calling her a girl isn't correct. Teens REBEL. Of course DSS is going to take her back, and the report in on HER. What she might do is call a family attorney as ask for an emanipation through a mediation service provided by the city/county/state.. whatcha got for "teens at risk".

I suggest you go through a county directory. TEEN.. not child. She needs help as a TEEN, not a baby.

I Have Studied This At Lenght. Here's How:

I Have Studied This At Lenght. Here's How:

#1: The Greatest Blessing is that this girl is 17 years old. If her parents are cult members and are holding her against her will, after she turns 18 they won't have legal binds on her.

***This is dangerous Territory. However, Don't Be Afraid. Study how cults operate, find networks of Cult Survivors and put together a team. Create a YouTube Channel and ADD the people who are exposing this cult, then create a Facebook page and invite them to join. Eventually you could have a support group for her once she gets out. She is going to need friends who understand her. It is important that NO-ONE in that cult has any idea that a member has sought help. This is for her own protection, perhaps yours and a succesful outcome.

If this cult is starting to get exposed as you imply, UNITE with those exposing it. The key word here is NETWORK.

Tell your friend she is not alone and that you will help her. Read stories of Cult Survivors and tell her POSITIVE stories of people who have been subjected to Cults and broke free.

***I AM ONLY SPEAKING FOR MYSELF HERE: If it were me helping her, I would tell her to NOT SAY A WORD about being helped. A Cult could move a victim to another location. These things are done by STEALTH. If it truly is a Mind-Control Cult you are also dealing with a Child Abuse Cult. I am amazed this girl is reaching out to you. Many suffer from Stockholm Syndrome or are so severely mind-controlled that would run away from someone attempting to help them. I would Thank Her for confiding in me.

I am going to go to YouTube and see what this cult is up to. If it is what you say it is, I will help EXPOSE IT myself. Contact THE PEOPLE'S VOICE with your story. They also have a Facebook page you should join: www.thepeoplesvoice.tv

Contact also www.rense.com

These stories touch me so deeply that if it were me, I would prepare and begin making arrangements to provide this girl a safe place to live once she gets out, the means to go to school and get a part-time job. Tell your friends and neighbors what you are doing and you may find other compassionate souls to help you help her ♥

***THIS IS A VERY GOOD BOOK FOR YOU TO READ AND STUDY. Once you are done, give it to her as a gift. The author is a beautiful soul whom I have had the pleasure speaking with when I was helping someone myself :) ♥


Here is an overview: http://www.factnet.org/twisted-scriptures-path-freedom-abusi...

If you have any more questions, feel free to post them. I will keep an eye on this post. It is very, very important.

Share with your family and friends what you are learning and what you are doing to help a young girl. I pray you will put together an awesome team for her.


God Bless You.



P.S.: I am watching these "Word Of Faith" videos on YouTube. Oh, Dear God. It doesn't take much to know what this is. LYING SHARKS. And it is BIG. Network, network.

Wisdom Strategies


It does seem like a cult, somebody should get those people to read their bibles to dissuade blind obedience to the unbiblical practices of their unqualified leader, that is if any of them are actually sincere in their beliefs.

But on the other hand, if they have a culture of screaming, where the kids are screaming too and have grown up with it in a way where its not considered an attack or hateful and causes no injury, I'm not sure if that aspect of their beliefs should be considered abuse. They might not think of screaming in the same way as some people. For example, some people listen to music which is basically screaming, but they find it enjoyable in some way. Beating people is another story.

I can't say much more because I don't know the whole story.