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WaPo: Rand Paul: The most intriguing man in today’s Republican Party

Rand Paul is the most intriguing — and for Democrats, perhaps the most frightening — figure in today’s Republican Party. The Kentucky senator, who is more than flirting with a 2016 presidential run, is making a smart play for the millennial generation that was key to President Obama’s twin victories and that his own party has convincingly repelled.

Paul’s unlikely pilgrimage to the progressive precincts of the University of California at Berkeley offered the most convincing evidence so far that he is serious about carving out this (sorry, President Clinton) third way space — and a demonstration of his potential appeal to this lost demographic, more attuned to personality than party.

Watch the video of Paul at Berkeley the other day, and you think: This guy doesn’t even look like a Republican, with his jeans and cowboy boots, his tie-but-no-jacket look, his mop-in-need-of-cutting coiffure. Mitt Romney tried to rock those jeans, but no 20-something — no 30-something, actually — looked at his Brylcreemed hair and thought: I want to hang out with this guy.

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Response by

the Christian Science Monitor..

Rand Paul 'most intriguing man' in the GOP. Really?

Rand Paul:

Wasn't Ron Paul the most interesting man In The Republican Party

In 2012? Never heard that. Ron was placed on ignore or attack
Rand's nod to the military makes him not off limits

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DJP333's picture

I really dislike reading

Things like this again and again...."Navigating his way through a Republican primary whose voters may not appreciate his isolationist tendencies or anti-establishment stance won’t be easy for Paul"

Its called non-intervention!!!!!! How many damn times do we have to correct them. And also who gives a damn about the establishment! What exactly have they done that deserves praise?

"It’s not pessimistic, brother, because this is the blues. We are blues people. The blues aren’t pessimistic. We’re prisoners of hope but we tell the truth and the truth is dark. That’s different." ~CW

Newt Gingrich and CNN panel also agree

Rand Paul is the most interesting person in the Republican Party. From today's episode of SOTU w/ Candy Crowley.


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good article.


Google is government.

Priebus "hasn't been able to change it"

Maybe because his water carrying for the crusty old corrupt GOP is alienating at least half of the likely people that WOULD vote for a party that lived up to its core principles?

Nah. Couldn't be that simple.

Love how the 'Interesting Man' is placing second lol

Rick Perry just cant remember what their names are.