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All these confused people are starting to make me...


Look folks, not every state has a straight up primary that awards delegates either winner take all or proportional. And I'd suspect that most of those that do only award their delegates for the 1st ballot at the RNC. This means that after the first ballot - if no candidate has a majority, then they get to vote for whomever they want. (that has not been eliminated)

This is why it is critical that as many delegates as possible, regardless of how the primaries turn out, be supportive of Ron Paul. There is the caveat that he must have a majority support of delegates from at least 5 states to be entered for the nomination, but that is still possible this early in the game.

Iowa, Nevada, Louisiana, and Florida are NOT over by a long shot. There is still a chance we can get a majority of the delegates to be RP supporters in ALL of those states. Next Tuesday will BEGIN to decide 20 more states. That leaves 23 states not even started in their process. The last delegates are decided I think by Iowa some time in June or July. There is still a long road ahead of us.

Remember, RP has gone up against the GOP establishment once before (Geo H. and Geo W.) and he WON. He knows what it takes.

ALL politics are LOCAL. Ron is well aware of this. That is why state GOP delegate selections are decided as they are - to keep it local and keep the meddling MSM and National Party out of their business.

True, we have encountered some shenanigan's but that is to be expected - this IS politics afterall.

Please stop trying to fit the whole country into this one shot primary and it's over mentality. That is EXACTLY what the MSM wants. The current system works in our favor - we just have to know our deadlines and our rules, and work within them for the win.

Dr. Paul's overriding message about adherence to the Constitution is that We are NOT a democracy - We are a REPUBLIC. Where the law - not the whims of the majority rules the day. He has shown us that by sticking to the Constitution - the nation's highest law - we can solve our problems. By adhering to local political party rules, we can win elections.

See how that all works?