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The new Cold War "shield"

"To help "NATO emerge from this crisis stronger ... than ‘ever’," the United States repledged its commitment to the "missile defense" of Europe. However, by correlating the "missile defense" to the Ukrainian crisis, Joe Biden gave his game away. Washington had persistently maintained that the U.S. "shield" in Europe is not directed against Russia, but against the threat of Iranian missiles. In Moscow, on the contrary, this was always perceived as an attempt to gain a decisive strategic advantage over Russia: the U.S. could hold it under the threat of a nuclear first strike, relying on the ability of the "shield" to neutralize the retaliation effects [3] The new plan launched by President Obama, compared with the previous one, provides for a larger number of missiles lined up on Russia’s doorstep. Since they are under U.S. control, no one can find out whether they are interceptors or nuclear missiles."


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Better hope

Ninteen guys with box cutters don't launch a first strike.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Shield is a JOKE

What good will a shield in Poland or the Czech Republic do America, when Russia has dozens of nukes in submarines right next door to NYC, Washington, L.A., San Francisco, New Orleans, Miami, Etc.
Those sub launched missiles will hit their targets in 10 minutes, NOT 30 minutes.
A defense shield in Europe might help East Europe, that's all.
If our Dept. of Defense doesn't know this, then they might as well go back to La-La Land, where everything is peaches and cream.
What dummy would "tip" his hand, and declare, There will be no troops in Ukraine...in essence, giving Putin the green light to take half of Ukraine. Complete morons.


Is is completely useless but it does create huge profits for the right people and keeps the US influence in Eastern Europe.