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Politico hit piece against Rand Paul

"Nearly every election cycle, a poll comes out suggesting that many Americans, and a big chunk of swing voters, think of themselves as “fiscally conservative but socially liberal,” and therefore possibly open to libertarian candidates who want to police the deficit but not your sex life. These voters are the political equivalent of people who describe themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” It’s basically an empty formulation to avoid picking a side or a fight; it’s shallow, but it sounds good. The problem, at least for Rand Paul, is that “fiscally conservative but socially liberal” is not a long way of saying “libertarian.” Paul’s libertarianism is intended to offer a little something for everybody, on the left and right—spending cuts for the Republican base, legal relief for potheads, a presidential pat on the head for gay people. But if he gets serious about substantive reform along these lines, his libertarianism is instead going to offer something to outrage everybody."


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I didn't take this as a hit

I didn't take this as a hit piece against Rand so much as rather a hit piece on an ignorant electorate. I hope I never become as cynical as the author, but unfortunately, he may be right.

The Establishment and the Socialist

are afraid even panicked by Rand. No kidding...

People like to talk about the number of people on welfare, not paying taxes, etc. But it is not just the welfare crew that have something to lose.

The cronies, the govt unions, unions in general - including teachers, lobbyists, govt workers, govt contractors - including the MIC and the media many of whom are pawns of the govt. These are the more powerful and also numerous.

The political left is almost entirely dependent on the state for their livelihood.

This will be a long and bloody battle.

Remeber this hit piece on Ron

from a few years ago:

Kevin D. Williamson wrote it.

National Review: Another Bill Kristol scum sucking rag

No surprise there.

Neo-Cons are our enemy number 1.

Now this article is on the frontpage of huffingtonpost.com

How many people do you think read past the huffpo headline & or the article headline? Still don't think this is a hit piece? check out the comments

It was there yesterday also

Very rare for HuffPost to have one story on the front page for two days. His successful speech st Berkeley obviously has them worried.

Because so many of the people on HuffPo

Are the people he's describing lol.

We're not making excuses for the article. Its literally *not* a hit piece. It's actually not completely about Rand. It's about what he's up against.

Read it again if you don't believe us.

i agree von

people see what they want to see, and lately around here if someone says rand is having a bad hair day it's considered a hit piece.

i used to post at HP 2011/12 mostly defending ron paul, and i can say i even convinced a few youngsters to join the liberty movement, although if the mods got a whiff of anything like that going down they would cut you off quick. i don't post there anymore but i still give them a look if for nothing else to see how wildly they spin the news. one thing is obvious, during ron paul's run there was a decent size group of us holding up the case for ron in the comments, and exposing the outright lies, but rand is a different story; i don't think i've ever seen one positive remark in the comment section.

my own opinion is that if the GOP adopted a pro choice, pro gay marriage platform they would be a real force again and have the dems quaking in their boots, and they'd have a real shot of taking back the white house. if not (and they won't) they will be seen again as the stupid party, the caveman party, bible thumping and fighting amongst themselves. nothing more, and no matter who gets the nomination.

I didn't think this was one

I didn't think this was one big hit piece as much as it was an explanation of the trials and tribulations that a libertarian candidate will face in the upcoming presidential election cycle. I agreed with about 90 % of it. It also shows how non liberty oriented people of this country really are when it comes down to it. I liked the last sentence, about whether people are going to vote for liberty or for a check, and they claimed that most will take the check.



completely, especially the last sentence of the article.

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party


Nelson Hultberg:

"'Infinite demand' for government services comes about because the progressive income tax permits large groups of voters to pay zero taxes and equally large groups to pay next-to-zero taxes. These two constituencies comprise 50% of our voting population today.

IRS figures show that the upper 50% of income earners in the U.S. pay 96.03% of all taxes, while the lower 50% of income earners pay only 3.97% of the tax load. The bottom 25% of income earners pay zero taxes. (From IRS Statistics of Income Division, September 2002.)


A progressive income tax spawns a something-for-nothing voter mindset that dominates all elections. It creates an irresponsible electorate that demands a steady expansion of government services. This is basic human nature and one of the cardinal laws of economics:

If government benefits are free (or nearly free), demand for them will be infinite

This is why the voters constantly vote for more and more government; 50% of them get their services FREE, or for pennies on the dollar."

- Nelson Hultberg

- See more at: http://bit.ly/1dlWcDn

Exactly true, and the core

Exactly true, and the core reason for free energy suppression since the Tesla era.

Nassim Haramein and the Resonance Project

He's mathematically proven the theory behind what is essentially Tesla's source of free energy.

He's also solved the quantum / relativistic split in physics:

Resonance Project

Nassim explains - 1 hr well spent, you will get it

This is NOT a hit piece

It is a piece about real politics. Rand Paul has a serious dilemma to deal with: a country full of people who want lower taxes and more benefits, more personal freedom for me but not for thee.

The writer is not saying that Rand is wrong, just that his politics runs counter to quasi socialist/fascist impulses of most voters.

He has an excellent point.

Where I differ with the writer is that I think Rand is a better politician than any 'libertarian' in recent memory. He has threaded the needle by keeping his rhetoric fairly mainstream (which alienates a lot of us libertarians) but voting pretty pure.

There is a lot of truth in this article. Pay attention. These are real barriers we (and Rand) will have to overcome.

Yeah, "Hit Piece" is actually a total misreading of the blog

This guy likes Rand.

What this is a pretty on point assessment of the mindset of the average politically interested / active American at this point in time.

These *are* real barriers and I think he frames it pretty well. But this is what he's not taking into consideration:

The worse things get - the more the Feds keep cracking down / fking up / acting irrationally ... and they will keep this up, it will get steadily and steadily more chaotic and threatening ..

The more of the middle-of-the-road, typical "I want my cake but eat it too" kind of voters are going to come over and vote DIFFERENTLY

Even some of the social liberal types.

Its already happening. 2016 is still far off - the potential voting block for Rand and Justin and Lee is going to get a lot bigger.

Guy uses scare tactics - "cut

Guy uses scare tactics - "cut off aid to your mom"

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

The title is the hit

"Ready for Rand?
Americans hate Rand Paul’s libertarianism. They just don’t know it yet."

Americans hate Rand don't know it yet? that's a hit. I very much agree with you that Rand is a better politician than any 'libertarian' no question about that

Another weak smear attempt by kevin d. williamson

williamson has had many smear attempts against Ron Paul when writing for the National Review. Is williamson working for Politico now or is Politico publishing BS National Review articles

The establishment message is

The establishment message is clear; "give up Rand, it's hopeless".

Don't think Rand's paying much attention though.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Answer, No way, Jose!

Answer, No way, Jose!

Rand Paul supports States

Rand Paul supports States Rights. That does not make him a Social Liberal.




"When it comes to balancing the budget, Paul is more likely to cut off aid to your mom."

Now how am I supposed to finish the rest of the article after reading a sentence like that. The author sounds like my 13 year old cousin.