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John Lott Destroys Gun Rights Haters in a Debate (video)

What a hidden gem! This is an unlisted video of a gun rights debate. The clowns at UC Berkeley must not have liked that John Lott destroyed the gun grabbers. For anyone going into a debate or discussion of the issue this is must watch!

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Here's what I think is a big problem with Lott...

... when he agrees that we want to keep criminals from having firearms. Most gun rights advocates say that it's not the gun that causes the crime or murder, it's the person. I'm sure Lott would agree. But this begs the question as to why "criminals", who can easily obtain a knife to stab and kill someone, can get a car to ram through and kill a group of pedestrians, or who can get their hands on a crowbar or a baseball bat to beat the life out of someone, can all do so with virtually no restriction. How about making the argument that there's something terribly wrong with the fact that "violent criminals" are freely walking the streets. Maybe we need very long prison sentences to those who have a propensity to commit violent acts over those who commit non-violent crimes. That's darn sure the argument I would have made... and I most certainly would have made the point that the reason why we have a revolving door prison policy for violent offenders in the prison systems is a DIRECT result of the insane war on drugs. Do you think there would be one person in that audience who would suggest that a violent offender should be let out of prison sooner than a person convicted of a non-violent offense?

The Berkley AV Club

Have they never heard of a compressor/limiter? The volume was so dynamic it was almost unbearable.

Never-the-less, the content was worth watching.

Audio levels during the Q and A session

Rank amateur audio engineers indeed:
The moderator figiting with his water bottle is way louder than John Lott's lapel mic.

California's best and brightest? What a joke.

The really shocking thing

is what happens after we give up our arms. Then the tyranny that cloaked themselves in for our own good disrobe. Then the totalitarianism's reign. I remain vigilant, I remain awaiting a response. I remain armed.

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John Lott rocks ... he sure has command of the data!

You would think the gun grabbers would be able to come up with something, anything, more compelling. The lady presented studies and Lott clearly explained how they were flawed, and the professor didn't seem to have any concept whatsoever of what our founding fathers said about the RKBA (i.e. to restrain tyranny). But Lott has some real meat here.

Bookmarked to watch again.

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