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The Worst Church in America … and It Isn't Necessarily Westboro

Entire article here: http://wp.me/p13mHb-1dv

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I dunno, hard to beat the "polish the shaft" guy


For the best site on church nuttiness, I like A Little Leaven


Not that I've ever seen them expose the patriotic idolatry, that seems kind of normal sadly.

I have trouble laughing at him

because I've been told the person likely to prey on people will do these bizarre things to get them and their potential protectors to stop pointing out red flag behavior. The insiders would end up shaming each other into silence about his "polishing the shaft" behavior and that will make them less likely to react to the next red flag they see. Predators know how to purposely set off "false" danger alarms to deafen you. It's a form of grooming, but it's aimed at making sure he's surrounded by the least skeptical people, then further deafening those people to danger alarms.

So, I don't see him as not knowing what he's doing. I see him purposely grooming his congregation to put up with or ignore whatever abuse he dishes out.

Defend Liberty!

i have witnessed what you've described

With my own eyes. My Sunday school teacher would use perverse illustrations in class that would leave us confused and uncomfortable. Everyone knew there was something "off", but not enough to call him out. Turns out he was running his own babysitter club out of the youth group.

Its not funny when you think about how sick it is, but it's also unbelievably surreal


on man that made me laugh for a few min.

Like some scene out of anchorman or something, but they are serious.....Can't make this up, that's for sure.

the look on those deacons faces

Are priceless.

This guy has since been busted for sexual deviance. Surprise, Surprise.

I remember Pastor Anderson saying he wasn't surprised, as he studied at this church's seminary. This church was an IFB flagship kind of church. The devil just can't stand it when Christians really do get hard core.