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Ted Cruz does a 360 on Ukraine Aid bill

Senator Ted Cruz
"We should have passed the Ukraine aid bill yesterday, but Harry Reid held it hostage to impose IMF reform measures that haven’t been able to pass on their own merit."

This was posted on his Official facebook page 3/14/14 https://www.facebook.com/SenatorTedCruz

And now he has deleted the post due to heavy criticism and did a 360 on the position.


The Washington Examiner says, ''Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will work to block a $1 billion Ukraine aid package unless Senate Majority Harry Reid, D-Nev., strips out a controversial measure funding the International Monetary Fund.''

I highly doubt he would have done so without the criticism. He is pandering and I hope someone had screenshot that post!

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After he did the 360, he did a 720 and then a 1,080.

And came down facing exactly the same way.

This all totally baffled Romney who has done 180s, 540s and 900s, his entire life.



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LOL. +1 for trigonometric accuracy!

This all totally baffled Romney who has done 180s, 540s and 900s, his entire life.

LOL. +1 for trigonometric accuracy!

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you mean 180...

you mean 180...

This post was ment to grab your attention

To the fact Ted Cruz is for foreign aid. Not only is he trying to pander to the neo-conservatives, but to those that do not support the aid. By blocking the legislation due to IMF. I doubt he care's, he just doesn't want to get clobbered even more by his liberty activist's who hate foreign aid. Look at the comments on facebook when he talks about it.

This guy is a real sneaky little butch

This is on his FB page: New House Ukraine bill shows Republicans and Democrats agree: quit holding Ukraine aid hostage to unrelated issues like the IMF.

And under it is a picture of Rand. Not his picture; not a photo of Ukraine; but a pic of Rand :) haha...F R I G G I N' W E A S E L !

You support funding the IMF?

WTF - you are for funding the IMF?

So you agree US should quit "holding Ukraine aid hostage"?

Because foreign aid to Ukraine is non-intervention, or that's where you want your tax money going???

I want American tax money to stay in America.

I think most people understood my post.

He wasn't commenting

on the aid. He was stating that there was a picture of rand on the post. LOL


there's a picture of Rand.. Rand is for sanctions.. with holding US AID.

Not giving away taxpayer's money

is the equivalent of sanctions?

Part of it

Ted Cruz-----is a NEOCON

What part of that don't we get?!



Neocon no longer means "Republican in name only", refering to the Democrats who infiltrated the GOP under Bush Sr., and outted real conservatives from the GOP and stole an election giving us 8 years of Bush wars. Now Neocon means anyone who supports Israel. It's all part of the dumbing down for the next onslaught of conspiracy theory of twisted truth and principles that keep people entertained during their enslavedment.

Principle: If you can't do it perfect and 100%, trash it.

We do not live in a perfect world. Ted Cruz is not perfect. Ted Cruz is not a Neocon. Ted Cruz supports Israel's sovreignity, like Rand. I'm down with that. Ron Paul supports Israel's sovreignity. Ron Paul a Neocon? No. Ron paul has never said "wipe Israel off the map" as some who claim to support him do.


We should End all foreign aid.

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Including aid to countries that create concentration camps out of neighboring countries.

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Seems like cruz got served

Seems like cruz got served sticking his head out of line in attempt to secure the neocon vote ... very easy to do right? just profess unwavering loyalty to israel and american expansionism ..


The liberty movement that Ron Paul started and Rand Paul continues is bigger and more powerful than ever and you just got Btchslapped cruz

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

Troll post????

He didn't change his position. Both quotes show him saying the same thing.

Then the title 360 is correct

If one says one thing on friday and the same thing on saturday that is a 360

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That's actually....

A 180.... I know-... hairs...splitting... everywhere.

What's it like in your world

What's it like in your world of half-circles being full-circles?

If you say the same thing you have come

Full circle or 360 degrees
The exact opposite is a 180

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Or 540

Depending on how dizzy you are.

Right but then what is the

Right but then what is the point of the post?

see above

attention grabbing?

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To me this is typical Cruz...

he does not have a position on anything; he waits to see what Rand is doing then he decides what he will do based on what is politically advantageous to him. He has no ideology, no beliefs...he is not ready for the Presidency...he needs to stay in the Senate for a few more years.

You have been trolled... Read

You have been trolled...

Read what he said... His position hasn't changed... This article is a troll

Ted Cruz-nothing but a Flip Flopper, this can be used against

him in campaign ads if necessary. Starting to sound like Mitt now.


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Did you mean

a 180?

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