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A great read. What are the DP thoughts on this?

A friend just sent this link to me. I thought it was an amazing read. I apologize if it's been posted already. A lot of what we already know but it just seems to help solidify that. My thoughts are if indeed these names check out and the story is real, which a lot of us already believe to be true, this information is critical for everyone especially the one's who are not awake. Input is highly appreciated :)


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The way which he represents

The way which he represents the purpose of Project Paper Clip leaves me questioning the validity of his statement.

He represents Project Paper Clip as a project to reverse engineer Nazi technology; however, Project Paper Clip's actual -verifiable- purpose was to recruit scientists working for the Nazi's to defect and become American Scientists. This distinction between what he said that the project was and what the listed and known purpose of the project was are very different, and raise a red flag of caution when dealing with the rest of his statements.

Good point

I felt that a little as well when I read it.

"It's a struggle day and night. But you got to keep up the fight. Real eyes realize real lies. Revolutionize.
Break the chains and hold on tight. Your mind is your souls sight. Think for yourself, stay alive. Revolutionize your mind."