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DailyPaul, My Refuge


You're my only refuge

I've got a couple of true friends

But other than them

It's you

I can talk to, tell the truth

And find my own reflection

Somewhere, at least

Find love, find peace

At liberty to speak

Kiss your cheek

Love you

You're like me




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Michael Nystrom's picture

Bravo Bill



There was a young man...

There was a young man from Nantucket,

Freedom is my Worship Word!

Daily Paul, My Asylum

Sane or otherwise... Lovely poem, in any case. Hopefully we should not classify this as an elegy!

Not yet.

Thanks Soph. Miss you.

Dwelling within

Dweeling within, telling without
By silence unsaid, or the loud shout
By cry, by whisper, by telephone
Of the tidings of goings on, here at our home

Or yonder as the tempest breaks
For sons and daughters, wars forsake
Of lies, deceptions and sophistry
Of governance large for them, but small then you and me

Dare stave we then our teller tales
Of minnows, salmon and mighty whales
To tread upon no sweeter shore
Than to enter in this DP door.

May God bless you mightily Bill3, more than your store house can contain.


Drew, by the very grace of GOD through the blood of Christ Jesus.
"there shall come after us men whom shall garner great wealth using our system, and having done so shall seek to slam the door of prosperity behind them." George Washington

Our Refuge Our Light Our

Our Refuge
Our Light
Our tunnel through the night
Thirst for knowledge
Fills our sight
Truth spilled forth
Freedom to reap
The quest for answers
From my computer seat

When I try to see the news on

When I try to see
the news on TV
the attempt is always
a darn tragedy.

I too have the refuge
that daily I use:

I am happy, you see
for the news on DP!

(better than me your fine poetry, but we both praise the thoughts found here on DP!)


Bill Three
Like cummings, ee
This Twain we shall meet
Poet, elite
Like Silverstein, Shel
But libertarian, little 'l'
Some Robert Frost
Mixed with Goethe's Faust
Transcendence in knowledge
You won't find in college
Miles to go while they still sleep
Great poetry from Bill, we all will reap

I may be biased, but that's

I may be biased, but that's really good.

jrd3820's picture


One two three
Three is just the right amount of Bills to be.
Three two one
The dailypaul without Bill would be no fun

A satirist, an essayist, and a poet
We need Bill on the ark to help row it
Although slightly cynical at times
Bill three still shines

Bill three loves the DP
And the DP loves Bill three
I should not speak for all of the DP (because that kind of talk is commie talk)
But it rhymed, and next time I’ll just speak for me.

See, I told you

If you seek, you find
If you can write, you can rhyme
Rhythm, of the mind
Keep it up
keep time,

Best, little

Michael Nystrom's picture

What we need now

is a musician
to take all these rhymes
and like a clinician
put them together
for people to play
over and over
every day.

A crack up
a slam down
a voice
a pound

Liberty! Liberty!
It is the way to be
Peace Gold Love

Bill3, Bill3!
Ye understandeth me


DP is a lyrics factory... Where's are the musicians? Come ye musicians.


oh its kibs. *click*