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Multinational Corporate Interests in Ukraine.

Most are familiar with the 1953 Coup in Iran orchestrated by the CIA at the behest of British Petroleum.

Most that have been following the Ukraine and are aware of Svaboda, Nuland's leaked call, the leaked call of the Estonian diplomat, RU gas line into EU, EU/IMF interests, etc..

Here's another aspect.. multi-national corporations. Who they are and what they want. As always, Scott Horton kills it. Only down side is the convo is only 27 min long.. not nearly enough. Enjoy.

03/20/14 J.P. Sottile

J.P. Sottile, journalist and founder of NewsVandal, discusses whether Ukraine’s revolution is about democracy and EU integration or the corporate pillaging of Ukraine’s resources; Chevron’s 50-year shale gas lease and Big Agribusiness’ plans to make Ukraine Europe’s breadbasket; and how a small, incestuous neocon cabal fomented Ukraine’s conflict and stands to profit from the aftermath.


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