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Ron Paul's First Victory!

Well, it may have been Lousiana (or even Nevada?) , but the first undisputed victory for Ron Paul was triggering the decline of the "Rudy Guiliani for President" movement.

A lot of U.S. Media hype and promotion went into "the making of Rudy Guiliani" (or remaking), into some sort of undeserved hero because of his negligence and incompetence over Sept. 11. Neocon lapdogs like Sean Hannity and even MSNBCs Chris Mathews were just waiting to coronate him as soon as possible.

But Ron Paul schooled Guiliani on stage last year over CIA Blowback and ever since, with the premise of Guiliani as "National Security expert" suddenly demolished, Guiliani's whole campaign began spiraling downward -- leaving him only to pathetically babble the words 9-11 every other sentence in an effort to rescue his image.

The U.S. Media couldn't save Rudy Guiliani and now there are just 3 opponents that Ron Paul must overcome (and probably just 2 after February 5th).

So what Ron Paul needs to do now is to do to John McCain exactly what he did to Rudy Guiliani. School McCain on the immoral, bankrupt and blind ideology of occupying Iraq for 100 years and also on CIA Blowback.

Point out to McCain in start terms all the death, destruction, defrauding of U.S. Taxpayers, economic drain, and strengthening of Al Qaeda that this dishonest Iraq invasion/occupation has created and ask McCain just why he regards those disgraceful and treasonous results as "successful policy"?

Ron Paul can take McCain down if he realizes just how effective that he was in exposing Rudt Guiliani as a fraud and a buffoon.

Ron Paul defeated the once-proclaimed frontrunner, Rudy Guiliani, and he can do it again -- if he starts really focusing on John McCain.

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Actually Ron just needs to keep asking McCain questions...lol!

After the last debate and McCain's "deer caught in the headlights" look following as he stumbled over his pitiful response, all that Ron needs to do is keep asking McCain intelligent and relevant questions. THAT should do McCain in...LOL!


RP Needs Legislation for Release of Vietnam POW/MIA Records!!!!

What an opportunity to flank PW Songbird, that is, McCain.

Democracy is two CFRs and one Libertarian voting for the next President of the United States. Liberty is an astute politician armed with the facts to challenge the course our country is taking.



I think Dr Paul has been working methodically to balance out undermining both McCain and Romney, while not destroying either so bad as to put either in a better position for the win. After Feb 5th we'll see which of the 2 are standing tallest and I trust Ron to deploy his resources accordingly. Brilliant that man is.

OK, folks, next step!

Guliani won his battle (he finally cleanly beat Dr. Paul in something) but he lost the war in the process. Scratch Mayor McClueless.

Next target: Juan Insane McCain.

The ammuntion:

- McCain-Feingold (campaign finance reform to silence the people)
- McCain-Kennedy (amnesty for illegal aliens and terrorists)
- McCain-Lieberman (global warming scam assault on property rights)
- McCain's economic ignorance--already started
- McCain's short and bad temper--need to have him melt down publicly, loudly, and often.

Dr. Paul can do some. But we need to do some as well. Time to start the UNLOADING.

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

McCain's many weaknesses...

McCain looks idiotic when he talks about the economy... Wait, where did I learn this? From Ron Paul asking him a question in the debate... :) So never fear, the good Dr will take them to task, each in turn.

McCain can always stand there and puff his chest as a "vet" and former "pow" and not put forth any answers to anything.

Remember, how important the economy was reported in exit polls in FL.

There were 11, now there are 3.5... Each one to be dealt with in turn.


McCain looks idiotic when he talks about FOREIGN POLICY

...and especially about Iraq .. and also Iran.

Outting the panel

i posted this on another topic

I wish we could add to the dialog , the "why", the media and the other candidates believe Dr. Paul to be "Fringe" , etc...

Perhaps it would be in a response to a question by the moderator. We all know that those guys like to ask questions worded to denigrate our man Ron Paul.
They ask questions like "blah blah blah being a fringe candidate , how do you feel about such and such?

For once i would like for Dr. Paul to run down all the list of issues and state his position and ask the panel and other candidates if that makes him fringe. i.e.
the American people want out of Iraq and Afghanistan.... I will do this ... does that make me fringe?
The American people want a better economy ... I will do that... does that make me fringe?

Continuing with all the things that really are reflective of what the American people want , so that whoever is listening can really feel connected to and know that Ron Paul is connected to them on the issues. At the same time outing those asking the questions. Would they respond to Dr. Paul with the American people would like to stay in conflict with the world or The American people dont care about the economy that much etc...

Normally the dialog that we hear from Dr. Paul is "this is how i feel and live and believe would be best for the country, and those who agree with me will follow and vote for me. I think we should turn it around and say the American people want this and this is what i will do to accomplish it. That minor modification takes the rhetoric and gives it to the public to own and i think it would be very effective.

In a way its kind of like asking someone to do something and then thanking them in advance for doing it.

Cappello (sounds Italian)

Sorry, I'm Italian and that sounds like a familiar name from my once all Italian hometown in Upstate NY.

I love this idea... I've been saying for a long time that Ron Paul needs to paint a pretty picture of what his world would look like for the amerikan people. The educated really understand that RP is the only one with the answers to the problems - but when he talks he talks above most ignorant peoples minds. He does need to start turning it around and say "Americans" want this and that instead of "I will do this or that". Afterall, he will be the first to say that he is only along for the ride and that WE are the ones running for President. It's definitely time for him to let us lead then ... Every question should be answered "The American People want to come home from the war... The American People want to stop paying 30-40% of their income in taxes... The American People want a guarentee that social security will not run out of money for those already on it and the younger Americans want an option to get out of it to save money how they see fit. All the other candidates are in it for Big Business or certain groups and organizations (Mormon Church and Evangelical Church, CFR)... only Ron Paul is in it for Americans... he is the Peoples choice.. and we all remember that great document that starts out "We The People". Mitt Romney should answer all his questions "Big Business wants .. this and that". McCain should answer "CFR wants me to do this and that". Huckabee should answer with "The Bible says this or that so instead i'll mix it up and tell you it says this or that". None of them really care what America wants or needs... and it's very sad. America is smarter that this... it has to be... or we are all doomed. Thank God we have each other - all of us awake and knowing what to do if we can't get Americans to wake up in time. Our meetups are our survival groups should the SHTF... not sure if McInsanes or Huckaboobs followers will be first in line to get the chips at the new FEMA Recreational Facilities. Anyways, good ideas Cappello and hopefully we'll see Dr Paul's debating start to change just slightly now that we are into the next stage of the game.

It appears Dr. Paul is way ahead of us with his plan.

He has already started to go after McCain on the economy by outing him on the fact he doesn't even know how decisions are made, or who makes them.

Ron Paul is my hero!



Antboy, I hope you forwarded this to the campaign

cause you are 100% correct!

In a freaking nutshell!!!

When I talk to fence-sitters about the race, they say the issue is the WAR.

It's a one word (well maybe a hyphenated word) campaign mantra.

The economy kicks in behind when the COST of the WAR comes up.

Everything else is details.

1. WAR / Anti-War
2. COST of WAR

that simple. KISS

This was a reply to Antboy below

but when ya log-on, it bumps you to the top.

Will the campaign return to the correct focus?

As you noted, Dr. Paul's success against Giuliani resulted from a focus on the war and foreign policy, and all the momentum of this campaign was built on the issues of peace, non-intervention, and respect for Constitutional liberties

So will the campaign return to focus on peace, non-intervention, and the Bill of Rights, or continue to run ads on cracking down on immigration and what a nice man Ron Paul is, an approach that has coincided with the steady decline of money, enthusiasm, and support?

McCain is obviously vulnerable on all 3 of the issues Paul used to build up the campaign in the first place: nobody is a stronger advocate for continued occupation of Iraq, he is an interventionist of the highest magnitude, and he has been responsible for some of the worst trampling over the Bill of Rights, including his overthrow of the 1st amendment through McCain-Feingold and his overthrow of the 4th amendment by being most responsible for the passage of the Military Commissions Act.

And yet there is no mention whatsoever of the war or foreign policy in any of the ads nor the home page of the campaign site. If he started hitting hard on those again, I'm sure he'd earn a return engagement on Daily Show and Colbert Report, among others, and inspire more of the troops that came on board originally and that are, right now, drifting toward a far less worthy Obama.


the campaign needs to play some subtle hardball. Way to many vets know that McCain is fishy, what with all the blocking of any efforts to get records regarding POW/MIA's in Vietnam. Also, McCain is part of the Keating 5. Has the American public forgotten all of this? It needs to be addressed promptly along with his lack of economic sense (remember last debate?) and the comment of staying in Iraq for 100 years while our country is going bankrupt and future generations taking on the burden of the deficit spending.


Ron Paul ... go after him.

Watch that phony face of his.. turn beet red and his little turtle-like body lerch and shake with embarassment.

He cannot logically defend himself.
He can only tell lies and spread phony fear and propaganda.

Take Him Down!


He has enough dirt on Mit too. And huckleberry for that matter.

John McCain is NO "maverick"!!

The U.S. News Media has gone back to their 'ol 2000 meme of trying to present John McCain as some sort of "maverick" and reformer.

Ron Paul needs to expose the fact that John McCain doesn't know even one sentence of what the U.S. Constitution even says (must less means), and even if he did -- his every action and spoken word just violates and tramples it.

McCain is no reformer and no maverick.
McCain is just a corrupt, Neocon tool and represents nothing but more of the same.

I agree with you.

Something told me that when Juliani attacked RP for suggesting that American foreign policy caused blowback that he attacked the wrong man and would get his own blowback from his actions.

I loved watching him try to conceal his embarrassment and disappointment that he had failed with his arrogant campaign tactics.