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60th anniversary of Gandhi's Assassination

60 years ago today was when Gandhi was gunned down. Though his message of non-violence and civil disobedience to resist tyrannical goverments still lives on. As does his words that live on in quotes that promote peace, and love. Gandhi was a great man and Ron Paul draws much inspiration from him, and we need to keep fighting against the tyrannical government with civil disobedience, we need to revolt and take this country back.

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It is important to understand

why civil disobedience was used by Gandhi and what it means. I found these sites which are useful place to start reading about it.


Gandhi's use of ahimsa

Gandhi's use of ahimsa (non-violence) and concern for all men and women, of all faiths, serves as an example to all of us. It took time for his ideas to grow into resounding support from all over the country, but they changed a nation, and released India from British rule. We may think things are bad, but as of yet we, Ron's fellow Patriots, are in this to the end. Fighting for freedom is not easy. This may take many years. But we must remember that we are all in this to the end--Ron Paul for the long haul!