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Evidence for a Creation Model of Origins

I asked the users here at the dailypaul to point out their best evidence for a Creator. You answered, and I'm extremely grateful. If you do not see your answer here, take heart. It's probably because you are real smart, and I'm real dumb, and your answer just flew right over my head. http://www.dailypaul.com/314031/i-would-like-to-hear-your-be...


I exist, therefore energy and life exist.

1. Energy exists, therefore energy existed. (1st law of thermodynamics)
2. Life exists, therefore life existed. (Biogenesis)
3. Energy is available, therefore energy was added to our system.(2nd law of thermodynamics)
4. The universe is hospitable to life. (many examples) http://www.reasons.org/articles/anthropic-principle-a-precis...
5. The universe is neat beyond necessity. (many examples) http://www.dailypaul.com/312493/earths-moon-and-sun

The following are for my notes and future consideration:

Primacy of existence
Eye witness testimony
Miraculous events
Near death experiences
Irreducible complexity

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It makes sense

The origins of Judaism and the Bible are from Sumeria. The deities Brahma (Abraham) and Ishtar (Esther) had a god-son/sun Jehwe.

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My take on it.

I'm not sure that there is a particular creator that has direct influence over our lives or is important enough to even give two thoughts about.

The possibilities are endless for how this world was created. I tend to follow where science has taken us to provide the best explanations. However, if I or others have an additional perspective, I will find it interesting. Without evidence, it is difficult to take the idea seriously let alone as fact.

Complexity of life isn't evidence enough for me to believe that humans, specifically, had a creator. The replication of molecules has to occur in order for life to exist. Certain molecules can replicate themselves, therefore life exists. A creator doesn't even have to come into the conversation.

When discovering something new in science, has the discoverer had to ask themselves, "How would God have created this?" in order to figure it out?

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You can't get chirality from a racemic mixture

This is chemical nonsense: "The replication of molecules has to occur in order for life to exist. Certain molecules can replicate themselves, therefore life exists."

All amino acids in proteins are "left-handed", while all sugars in DNA and RNA, and in the metabolic pathways, are "right-handed". This is called homochirality, or optical purity.

The "goo to zoo to you" theory is a chemical impossibility. The Laws of Thermodynamics require that random collections of molecules go to equilibrium and form racemates, or racemic mixtures of roughly 50/50 left and right-handed molecules. Racemic polypeptides could not form the specific shapes required for enzymes, and wrong-handed amino acids would result in unstable DNA incapable of supporting life.

The only way to resolve a racemate is to introduce an existing homochiral substance. Good luck finding the origin of homochirality without considering the Creator. There is no known mechanism on earth that can naturally produce optically pure molecules.

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If you're a computer programmer

you can definitely see the creation/designer angle on the genetics side.