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Officer Friendly.

So a local state trooper is coming to an up coming Boy Scout meeting. He is having an interactive talk with the kids about drugs and alcohol. We are to bring a list of questions. What should we prepare for him?

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questions for officer

Should Rosa Parks have been arrested (beaten/tasered for non-compliance)?

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Have you ever seen another officer do anything unethical?

If he answers "no" he will lose all credibility.
If he answers "yes", ask him what he did about it.

Google is government.

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How about....

"Would you refuse to enforce an unconstitutional law?"

If he says "It's not for me to decide what is uncontitutional", then ask

"So you will follow any order that you are given?"

Google is government.

You could ask how he feels about enforcing laws designating

what people can ingest or consume.

His answer will tell you if he's a state trooper or a storm trooper.

Cavity searches as policy, practice and preferred method

of interacting with the public. How often to they do it? How much do they like it? Do they do it in groups? Do they do it to each other? How often? Would he care to demonstrate this for public benefit?

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.