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Any Free Staters Here Know 'About New Hampshire?

While looking for a New Hampshire location for my Liberty Community project, I came across this restored generating station.

A fully operational Hyrdo-Electric Generating Mill with rental and retail electric generating income. It produces about $500,000 in income selling electricity.
And it's owned by the same man, William B. Ruger, Jr. who is selling the 500 acre estate depicted below.

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Property Description

Current View

So my mission to find a location for a Liberty Community has taken me to New Hampshire.

Newport, New Hampshire— Nestled amid more than 500 acres of verdant fields and grand forests, the charming and historic Northville Farm is being offered for sale at US$3.75 million. The estate is accessed by an enchanting story-book covered bridge, offering the utmost in privacy and seclusion.

Northville Farm retains the original ambience, grandeur, and charm of its copious history, with the comfort of contemporary conveniences. The estate was extensively remodeled in the 1870s by financier Austin Corbin, creator and founder of the nearby 25,000-acre Corbin Park hunting preserve and the Blue Mountain Forest Association. Further remodeled and expanded by the current owner, today Northville Farm features a 7,831-square-foot Victorian-style main residence, library building, large barn, four-bedroom guest house, caretaker’s home, and two workshop buildings.

I came across several property parcels for sale that would provide a base of operation and over 1,000 acres of farm and timber.
It just so happens that the properties are owned by the Ruger family. They have spared no expense in restoring several historic properties to their original condition.

Mr. Ruger is now in Maine working on another restoration project.

There is an airport adjacent to the Estate for easy access.

A little history:
A legend in American industry, Ruger had a hand in the original design and time-honored styling of every firearm his company produced. He continued to work on new creations up until his death. With his legendary leadership style, he led his business from “it can’t be done” remarks to a corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RGR). His firm has produced more than 20,000,000 firearms for hunting, target shooting, collecting, self-defense, law enforcement and for US and foreign governments.[6]

Today, with plants in Newport, New Hampshire, and Prescott, Arizona, and corporate headquarters in Southport, Fairfield, Connecticut, Sturm, Ruger manufactures high-quality rifles, shotguns, pistols, and revolvers for a variety of sporting and law enforcement purposes. Its precision investment castings are made for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, general manufacturing and the golf market.
I will add more information as time allows.

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The first floor is now a complete machine shop

The second floor is a sheet metal fabrication shop.
The 3rd and 4th are vacant, being used to store Ruger's collector cars.

Corbin’s “Animal Garden”

By Mary T. Kronenwetter
Photos/Images courtesy Newport and Croydon
Historical Societies and Richards Free Library
In the late 1800s, Newport-born entrepreneur Austin Corbin II created a 26,000-acre wildlife preserve and private hunting park spanning the townships of Cornish, Croydon, Grantham, Newport and Plainfield. The majority of the park is in Croydon, with over 10,000 acres. 1,151 acres lie within Grantham’s borders. Corbin’s intention was to bring together at his preserve, “all the animals of the world that can live there harmoniously.”


AUSTIN CORBIN DEAD; Thrown Out of His Carriage at Newport, N. H.

Live In A 19th Century Robber

Live In A 19th Century Robber Baron's Breathtaking 500-Acre New Hampshire Estate
Read more: http://www.christiesrealestate.com/eng/article/57105-northvi...


Seven photos, from the top:

1) Radiator of RUGERMOBILE. William Ruger, Sr., completed two cars, intending to put the Rugermobile in limited production.

2) Frontal view----Design influenced by one of Ruger's favorite driving cars, his 1929 Bentley tourer, which featured excellent styling, power, and handling. (Note: Ruger didn't mind putting his foot in the carburetor(s) of his Ferraris.)

3) Side view----Ford high performance 427 V-8 with 4 speed. Stainless exhaust. 7:00x18" tires on wire wheels. Rear end supported by strong traction bars.

4) Rugermobile, with one of the first 10-1/2-inch Super Blackhawks. This .44 won the first International Revolver Championship (1980).

5) David Bradshaw with champion "Silhouette Super."

6) Rugermobile with 600-00018, the first production .357 Maximum.

7) William B. Ruger, Jr., with 600-00018. Ruger, Jr., developed and named the .357 Maximum, and standardized chamber, cartridge, and pressure at SAAMI.

David Bradshaw, with full appreciation to Lee Martin for posting these photos.

Steven Tyler's Tour of Lake Sunapee

To Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Lake Sunapee is a place so perfect it could be a movie set. Tag along on a tour of his New Hampshire hideaway and see where he met his musical soul mate, guitarist Joe Perry, for the first time. Plus, Steven opens up about his disagreement with Aerosmith after signing on to American Idol.


Steve Spent Much Time in N.H.

As did his entire family when Steve was a youngster.
He grew up down the block from me, and had a pet raccoon that he kept on a leash and took along with him when out for a walk.
Definitely a cool dude back then also.
Isn't that foundry building a location used in a recent TV Series?
"The Walking Dead"
Yeah...the prison scenes! LOL!
Yes, NH is beautiful....and no zombies....rednecks? yes.
...but no zombies (they don't like the cold).

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

You're not in NH anymore

Are you?

Never Really Was

...I bought a small farmhouse in the Catskills, not far from Penna. & NJ.....it looked much like NH....green hills, blue skies, nearby streams(walking distance).
Once had in-laws in Wolfeboro NH...now they are out-laws, but always enjoyed myself there.

Steve & I grew up in Yonkers...it took him years to finally admit it.
His older sister and mine were BFF's....I believe she is in Vermont?
Mine is in Fort Myers.
Good Luck in your endeavor.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

No on the Walking Zombie scenes

But I always keep that in mind when looking at these interesting properties and cars that can be used in films or shows.
Helps them earn their keep.

Ever Had a Film Crew on Your Property?

NOT a pleasant experience...NOT what you'd imagine it to be.
(ask my older brother, neighbors went nuts)
My experience? I was a public-safety coordinator on one of the locales used for "Manchurian Candidate".
NO..NOT the Lawrence Harvey version...the Denzel Washington re-make.
What a trip! Film people are weird.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I've been involved with production and basically

we acted like we could do whatever we wanted.

Then You Understand...

..exactly where I'm "coming from".

I've since been more involved with music...and motorcycles!
And the last motorcycle trip I took to NH? A story for another month!

At least I'll know where to catch up with Steve these days.
Thanks for posting this.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!