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Over 1000 Protesters Demand Justice For Homeless Man MURDERED By POS Albuquerque Cops

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Gaols are so expensive.

How about a 2000 hours in a public pillory?

It could be behind bullet proof glass next to a major public highway.

What retribution can be made for a life stolen?

Free includes debt-free!


'Murcans standing up to the cops? Who'da thunk?

Lets hope its a trend.

Here's more on the protests and

the police reaction:


Keep in mind police officers acted as agent provocateurs in Toronto, Canada and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were caught on video. Since when are police offices filmed shooting into a van with a woman and five children ever justified? There's something very wrong going on in New Mexico, with Kelly Thomas in California and other places around the country.

I respect the 1000 people who protested the death of James Boyd. Pay outs of 26 million by the taxpayers of New Mexico to families of the victims of police deadly force should raise more than eyebrows.

Seems the police shot to death another man the same night: