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Lions of Liberty Interview with Antiwar Activist Alli McCracken of CODEPINK

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I am joined by antiwar activist Alli McCracken of CODEPINK. Alli describes her first visit to the West Bank, and how her experiences there pushed to question U.S. foreign policy and become a full-time antiwar activist. We discuss the Middle East conflict, drones, and how the foreign policy of the United States tends to eventually come back to haunt us at home. And of course, I finish things off with one of my classic rants!

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NOTE: This show will air on Daily Paul Radio at 8PM EST tonight instead of the usual time!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Is she related to Phil? LOL

Is she related to Phil? LOL

oh 519rob

you just HAD to didn't you? Ha.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

I didn't down vote

I listened to the interview.

First I was you to know my bias against CODE PINK.

My area had 26 anti-war pro-peace groups, which makes our local parades quite amusing to say the least.. they were a lot of fun.

Media Benjamin came here frequently. Our peace groups no longer exist, just CODE PINK.

When I produced concert events, I had to get permits, so I knew a little about about hosting large outdoor events.. when A.N.S.W.E.R. began protesting, CODE PINK was there. No one else was allowed to pull a permit by the county in Los Angeles. I don't know how these two groups got exclusive rights to hold events. I know A.N.S.W.E.R. events became hostile when vans waving the Israeli flag showed up. I had not made the Israel-US connection in the 90s. I had been pro-peace, but it was changing to anti-war..

I have no doubt the anti-war/CODEPINK are social programming groups.

That said, I listened to the interview. I think Alli has a upbeat way about her, and a good speaker.. she is aware where her paycheck comes and she stays within that BUSINESS of CODE PINK (still supply/demand, CODE PINK hired Alli because of her experience in the West Bank/ connections.

If Alli was not working for CODE PINK and I interveiwed her, a very different picture would emerge for many here that are tuned into anti-war programming.

Alli knows, if there was no Israel, there would not be enough water for the vast majority of people living in the West bank and gaza to have any water at all. Alli know, Jordan control Palestine with the Authority that is corrupt.. and arranges for "show business" because right now, bashing Israel is a source of income. Alli is not being paid to tell you the whole truth, but to confirm what you already suspect from MSM, and anti-war,com programming.

Alli doesn't hate Israel. She has a job and she does her job well. She tells you what an anti-war audience wants to hear, without offending zionists like me. Yeah, she knows what I know, but she's got a job to do. SO? If I was a progressive and Alli was a Neocon, I'd guess I'd "call her out". But that's now how I feel.

I feel that Israel is many things to many people.. whatever they seek, they shall find.

I hope you both had fun. I'm not a radio listener.. the canned intro was 3 mins.. way too long for me.. but I know you're making an effort and wanted to support that by listening.

Interveiw Pamela Gellar.


Thanks for listening, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so and thoughtfully expressing your views here. And thanks for keeping an open mind. I honestly don't know a lot of about the inside machinations of CODEPINK; I try to keep the focus on ideas and philosophy, but as you noted I thought Alli has a great personality and is a great speaker for a cause she is surely passionate about.

"if there was no Israel, there would not be enough water for the vast majority of people living in the West bank and gaza to have any water at all. "

This may be true in the context of the present system, where the imperial powers divided up land for "Jews" and "Arabs". In a free society such lines would not exist, and people in the West Bank would be able to make private arrangements for the transportation of water. Israel's monopoly on the natural resources in its area allow it to systematically turn on or off the water to that area. So you are correct, I simply argue that it shouldn't be that way in the first place.

I did have fun ! Thanks for the feedback and again I appreciate you taking the time to listen - I will look into Pamela Gellar - after looking her up quickly she seems to be an anti-Muslim zealot, but I'm happy to have anyone on with opposing views and to allow them the time to flesh them out so people don't make such rush judgements (as I admittedly just did!)

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Free society?

"In a free society such lines would not exist...",


It's interesting that many times the lables one uses does a better job of labeling the user rather than who the user lables.

I mentioned Geller because she's censored in many parts of the world, including the UK (and some areas in the USA) because they fear riots (by those who think a girl that isn't covered up is begging to be ganged raped).

In a free society censorship wouldn't exist.

I like what she has to say

But the name of the organization irks the hell out of me.

what irks you exactly?

the word "pink"?

The name actually came about to poke fun at the Bush admin's color coding system for terror alerts. "Pink" of course represents peace, hence "code pink". I like it once I knew the context.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

why the down votes?

I haven't listened yet and I'm willing to wager those that have down voted didn't bother to listen at all.

LittleWing's picture

Some people are still stuck in Left/Right

paradigm and cannot get past "CodePink' in the title to actually listen. Also, some here do not want any discussion, attention, information regarding the occupation of Gaza or Israel and are regular contributors and supporter of the ADL. Don't be surprised if you will be called a Jew Hater, Jihadist and Anti American for even posting it.

(Thanks and bookmarked for later listening.)

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Thanks, and I won't be!

In fact, when you listen you'll find that I predict this very attack unfolding!

I was raised in a Jewish household and have a Jewish family, so bring on the "anti-semitism" charges.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

LittleWing's picture

Great! Will listen this evening

Some of my best clients are Jewish and I respect and enjoy them very much. People don't realize how many Israeli Jews and American Jews do NOT agree with the current Israel/U.S. foreign policy and like to think they can speak for all Israel and Jews as a collective. They are actually very harmful to Israel and any progress towards peace. There are so many positive people and organizations of Israeli and American Jewish and also Christian, Muslim Jewish coalitions that strongly disagree with their government policies- but seldom get any attention.

I like what this writer had to say: 'I am pro-Israel too'

"The words “pro-Israel” mean simply to be supportive, or “for” Israel. Yet the term has been hijacked by a portion of Jews (including and perhaps primarily non-Israelis) who have anointed themselves defenders of the faith; they have unilaterally set the gold standard for everyone else in determining what supporting Israel means.

The meaning of pro-Israel, in the eyes of those Jewish-American organizations who often refer to themselves this way, is twofold: first, it involves being apologists for every policy of every Israeli government, and second, it is a permanent mission to prove that Palestinians are 1. Bloodthirsty, 2. Primitive and unready for peace or democracy – essentially, inferior 3. Sinister, all-powerful manipulators of global media, minds and public discourse 4. Politically incompetent. 5. Islamic jihadis, every last one. The camp that calls itself “pro-Israel” has added a third cause du jour of late – broad insistence on a maximalist, warmongering position vis-à-vis Iran.

So-called pro-Israel types are not only saying that these two/three are the best and only ways to support Israel. They are also saying that anyone who thinks differently is against Israel. Such a person who is also unfortunately Jewish or Israeli may be branded no less than a traitor, self-hater, lunatic, idiot or worse. The Israeli mainstream press has adopted the wrong definition wholesale.

Here is what permanent apologists for all Israeli government policies and demonizers of Palestinians actually accomplish. They perpetuate conflict, by supporting Israeli government policies that perpetuate the conflict, and they command that Israel’s greatest enabler, the U.S.A., do so too. They scream down criticism in a most hysterical and undemocratic way that is antithetical to both American and Jewish traditions. They employ and entrench shameless racist stereotypes that ought to make “never again” crusaders shiver, although many won’t.

Put simply, those who embrace the term “pro-Israel” support the occupation of over four million Palestinians who live permanently under military law or as refugees, while Israeli Jews living next to them walk free.

How this behavior supports the country of Israel or the People of Israel is a moot question. It does not. It maintains the policies that maintain the conflict; that’s about as anti-Israel as you can get."


If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.


Because codepink are "liberals". Duh!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*