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Jennifer Rubin’s Rand Paul obsession

Matt Palumbo, Rare Contributor
Posted on March 27, 2014 9:34 am

In February, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) was asked during a panel what he thought about Washington Post conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin saying negative things about him. Amash dismissed it and suggested people should go look at how often Rubin criticizes Rand Paul instead.

So I did.

Jennifer Rubin mentioned Senator Rand Paul’s name 143 times in the first three weeks of March (March 1-21) on her Right Turn blog. The only other political figure mentioned more often than Paul was President Obama at 206 times (not including “Obamacare,” but just President Obama specifically).

The most frequently mentioned named after Sen. Paul was Russian President Vladimir Putin at 87 times and then Senator Ted Cruz at 59 times. Senator Marco Rubio was mentioned 40 times, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 31 times, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, 26 times and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was mentioned 8 times.

Rubin also wrote more headlines specifically about Paul (9 headlines) than other figure except President Obama (10 headlines).

Every headline Rubin wrote about Paul was negative in tone: “Rand Paul’s Shape Shifting” (March 21), “Rand Paul panders at Berkeley” (March 20), “Ted Cruz 2, Rand Paul 0” (March 19), “Rand Paul under fire” (March 14), “Rand Paul seems confused” (March 12), “Where are all those Rand Paul voters?” (March 11), “Rand Paul’s fake foreign policy” (March 10), “Paul the Younger: Libertarian vs. the GOP” (March 7) and “Rand Paul is the odd man out of the GOP on foreign policy” (March 4).


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Jennifer Rubin’s Rand Paul obsession: April edition

Matt Palumbo, Rare Contributor
Posted on April 21, 2014 10:02 am

Andrew Sullivan ran the headline last week, “The Neocons Lose Their Sh*t Over Rand Paul.”

He wasn’t kidding.

In the first three weeks of April, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin mentioned Rand Paul’s name more than any other political figure including President Obama.

Rubin mentioned Paul’s name 147 times from April 1-20. She only mentioned Obama 131 times (not including “Obamacare,” but just President Obama or his administration specifically).

For comparative context, she mentioned Ted Cruz 36 times, Vladimir Putin got 33 mentions, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush were mentioned 32 times each, Marco Rubio got 18 and Chris Christie was mentioned 14 times.

Last month, I reported that Rubin had mentioned Paul’s name 143 times from March 1-21. For March, this was more times than any other political figure with the exception of President Obama, at 206 times.

But in April, we see that Rubin’s focus on the tea party senator has eclipsed even that of the President of the United States.


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I would gladly admit that women are superior to men...

"I would gladly admit that women are superior to men... if some of them weren't trying so hard to go as low as we can !"

- Sacha Guitry

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

She's secretly in love with Rand, obviously

...chic magnet.

It's the hair...


"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Um...cause Rand is hot.

Um...cause Rand is hot. Something about him. I like the way he articulates things. Hot hot hot!

she's not much worse than Robert Wenzel

in terms of her hatred for and obsession with attacking Rand.


Rubin , nice last name ... hmm lets see , yep i knew it. probably changed it from rubenstein or something of that ill-nature.


Religion Judaism[1]

the jewish zionist media controllers hate the PAUL family (remember DANA BASH of zionist controlled CNN interview with RON PAUL), and they control the media we consume in the US and the UK, and partly in russia and other nations. Iranian Press TV they do not control , therefore they remove their programming from the satellites press tv was allowed on.

They also have bought and paid for ALMOST each and every senator and congress person, the UKRAINE AID VOTE IS 100% PROOF OF THIS , some of the no voters are in their pocket as well not sure why they voted no maybe they know we are waking up and noticing how they vote.


if PAUL is getting a 50 state team ready for a white house , run he better start voting in their favor or he is going to have a LONG ROAD AHEAD of him.


dont believe me , look all this up and you will soon see.

nuff said

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL


As if those students at Berkeley weren't smart enough to know of Rand's long held positions before he ever arrived. That wasn't anyone pandering Rubin that was the future talking to ya. BTW is this witch any relation to Robert? They are after-all, buzzards of a feather.

Makes perfect sense

for her to criticize him. She's a war hawk and a Zionist. She hates libertarians, and while Rand isn't one, he's the closest thing out there for a POTUS candidate.

Another Jewish supremacist in

Another Jewish supremacist in my book. Almost as nasty as that shrew, Caroline Glick.

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She is pro-Israel but offends Jews

Found these in Wikipedia:

In January 2010, Rubin authored an article for Commentary Magazine asking "Why Jews Hate Sarah Palin".[20] The article was criticized by Heather Horn writing in The Atlantic as "illogical, poorly-argued, and anti-Semitic".

In Oct 2011, Rubin again drew criticism for tweeting a blog post by Rachel Abrams, which some have interpreted as a call for genocide against the Palestinian people[citation needed]. Liberal Jewish advocacy group J Street described the blog post as an "unhinged rant filled with incitement and hate speech".

After joining the Washington Post, Rubin drew criticism in the wake of the 2011 Norway attacks after she published a blog post suggesting incorrectly that the attacks were carried out by Islamic jihadists.[22] In a follow-up column,[23] Rubin acknowledged that her decision to blame Muslim extremists for the Norway attacks was premature, but she did not apologize for her remarks nor did she condemn the right-wing anti-Muslim ideology that motivated the attacker, Anders Behring Breivik. Jeffrey Goldberg defended Rubin's initial article that falsely accused Muslims of perpetrating the attack.[24]

In December 2012, she proclaimed that the Heritage Foundation was becoming "a political instrument in service of extremism" by hiring Jim DeMint as its president. Conservatives such as Erick Erickson and Mark Levin ridiculed this opinion.[33]

In August 2013, former Washington Post ombudsman Patrick Pexton, in an open letter to new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos..."Rubin was the No. 1 source of complaint mail about any single Post staffer while I was ombudsman, and I’m leaving out the organized email campaigns against her by leftie groups like Media Matters. Thinking conservatives didn’t like her, thinking moderates didn’t like her, government workers who knew her arguments to be unfair didn’t like her. Dump her like a dull tome on the Amazon Bargain Books page."

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Rubin_(journalist)

Don't be fooled

by these types of games they might play against each other, they are all on the same team. As long as the result manipulates the 'goy' it's all good! Until, people realize how these 'deceivers' operate for their own 'chosen one' cause, things will never change.

She wants the D

Or in this case the Paul.

She probably needs some


Isn't She: "Living in L.A. w/my Best Old ex-Friend Ray"

...the guy she says she knew well and sometimes hated"

(apologies to Jim Croce)

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


with Mr. Leroy Brown