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Turkey shuts off You Tube over Syria invasion plan leak

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had cut off the net weeks before Assad demanded his troops fire on protesters.. ending the net is one way he stimulated the protests himself.

Turkey is employing Israeli technique to stay out of the Syrian war, which I believe Assad and Putin want to widen so Putin can make more imperilaist moves like maybe Alaska?

Alaska lol. You threw that in

Alaska lol. You threw that in just to solidify the troll didn't you?


Oh please.

Besides, they would find an armed Sarah Palin behind every mound of snow. ;-)

Where do you come up with this stuff?

Israel, Turkey, US, UK, EU are all working to overthrow Assad so they can run natural gas lines up from the arab states into Europe... Israel will launch a false flag soon in order to justify this war... I wouldn't be surprised if they pull off a 9/11 style attack on an Israeli city or Turkish City... or even NYC here... whatever it is, they'll blame "Radical Islam" and use it as an excuse to take out Syria and Iran.

At their inceptions, the #Liberty, #OccupyWallStreet and #TeaParty movements all had the same basic goal... What happened?


All of them have said one way or another, that Assad in not a good, just or moral leader, but he is the leader and perhaps better to deal wiutht eh devil you got than the one you haven't met.

Israel has more natural gas than Syria and just found oil. They don't need the line, they are having enough as it is securing the lines they already have.

Israel does massive business.. agriculture, banking, alternative energy, high tech.. Israel has global start up industries booming.. so Israel doesn't need or want a war.. all this ME anti-zionism is a thorn that Israel would rather remove by leading in providing industry to solve problems like famine.

You and most people who have allowed yourselves to be programed into the bad Israel- bad USA.. It's not the USA.

When I heard Ron paul say, "They don't like us because we are over there." We are over there because we made agreements with the leaders, who blame us rather than police their own people.

These were bad deals, even worse than we can talk about because trtuh is you cabn bash Israel all day long.. If that's all everyone on DP did, Mystrom may get a letter from the ADL or JDL, but it would be something like, "we got a complaint".. nothing for anyone to make headlines.. but here, if it's "Jewish/Israel/Zionist" it's a hot topic.. say whatever you want.

But don't say anything bad about Islam because it has been known to cause riots, and daily suicide bombings. Did you know thereare suicide bombings daily? It's not Israel. I think people know that but are afraid to actually seek the truth because they might find it's the UN Agenda, and that's not Israel either.. they've closed all their embasseys.