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Why we should hope Huck stays in it

Our best shot at the nomination is a brokered convention. In a 3-way race between Paul, Romney, and McCain, chances of that happening are greatly reduced. McCain could well come out with a majority of delegates, even if we win some states.

The upshot is we're likely better off if Huckabee stays in it.

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Huck was a media phenom

His rise in the polls was media driven, after he did well at the value voters straw poll (of only ~400 people, Of course they ignored the straw polls Ron won

Now the media has dropped him like a bad habit. If one was conspiracy minded, I guess you might think that they used him to deflect attention away from Ron Paul. They needed a different grass roots phenom.

I must admit that I am surprised at the power of the old media - their candidate has defeated both the conservative talk radio, and the internet. McCain was dead in the water last summer, and has very little money, yet he gained attention from free media, and rode a series of coincidences (planned or not) to the front runner position. If his lead holds into on Tuesday, it will be time to consider changes in how people use the new media.

The Only Hope We have Is...

The only hope we have is if MORE people drop out -- not stay in. Ron Paul is JUST BEGINNING, while the others are starting to fade.

Huckabee said a while ago, "This is a marathon, not a sprint." He is partly right -- but like all marathons, there is a difference between amateur and professional levels. Being pro means you need sponsorship (cash), and without it, it doesn't matter how talented you are, you're done!

He doesn't have the support as Ron Paul does, nor the funds, nor anything else. He does have wit and a silver tongue, I'll give him that -- but again, without money, he's done.

Huckabee won't last. Him supporting McCain won't mean squat if Romney wins the majority of delegates on Feb. 5th. McCain won't last either, because he is running out of money too -- even with all the wins, isn't it amazing how little funding he is receiving? Sorry, but if you can't raise money AFTER you win big, then you'll never raise money if you lose.

Bottom line, the more that drop out, the merrier. Ron Paul is a true conservative, he has been this way throughout all of his campaign, which is why he hasn't spent that much money. He is running a smart race and a good pace. When the time comes, he'll release the punch that we've all been waiting for... and then whoever is left had better learn to duck! ;-)

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Not really.

If Huckabee stays in then that's one more distraction from Dr. Paul. Besides, he's broke (hence the Copeland thing) and stagnant in the polls. He also doesn't play well in the West and Midwest, so he'll be done this time next week. Huckabee is a non-issue.

"Welcome to 2008: The Year of Ron Paul!"

Well yesterday Huck said he's in it till the convention.

Go President Paul!

’In accordance with the principles of double-think it does not matter if the war is not real. For when it is, victory is not possible. The war is not meant to be won, but it is meant to be continuous.’ (George Orwell, 1984)

If I were Hackabee

I'll make a deal with Ron Paul. Everybody knows that only Ron Paul has the chance against Dem. Hackabee will greatly benefit from supporting Ron Paul. He's been talking like Ron Paul lately, so maybe deal has been made already? remember Ron Paul said if he gets his supporters in June....

The problem with that is..

Huck is the only one of the remaining candidates on either side besides RP that doesn't have a CFR card.. but he desperately wants one. So I doubt Ron would go with a deal...lol

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~


Look... Huckabee shocked the GOP powers that be and thier handlers by doing ok in the beginning.. and he was needed later to further fracture the Christian vote. But he's lost momentum, his usefulness is over and the only reason he hasn't dropped out yet is his owners won't let him yet.. he still needs to be around to fracture the Christian votes in the southern states till after Feb 5. I prefer he get out of the way.. it's time to start focusing on the real players now.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

We will know in tonight's debate whether Huckabee is

serious or whether he's hanging around to help McCain. If he attacks both Romney and McCain equally, he may very well be in it to win it as a long shot. If he just acts as an attack dog on Romney, he is McCain's stooge. Either way, I say he stays until Convention, sweeps up as many delegates as he can, especially taken away from Romney.

Then, at the convention, he can release his delegates to go to McCain.