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CNN is not even trying to hide it anymore

Yes, this screenshot is real.

 photo cnndistraction.jpg

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"Fox loooooves belly rubs"

I wonder if that is a subtle dig at their competition?

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Just more conditioning

They label something as insignificant as this a "distraction", so that it appears to actually be news when they produce some other insignificant, also non-news, report on some politician/candidate they want to destroy that smoked pot back in high school 30 years ago, is having an affair, or said the F-word in his own leisure time or something.




The new 'HONEST' CNN

"This news segment is based on"

White House talking points

A correspondent blue-screened into a country they've never been to, reporting on a place they couldn't locate on a map.

Trendy non-news celebrity filth exposed in futile attempt to rekindle sagging ratings

Neo-Con agenda piece. Military-Industrial complex piece. Pro-government piece

It's a disaster. Not many people are listed as dead so far, but hopefully more dead will be found so we can get a ratings boost

I wish...

they would have wrote "Certainly Not News." ;)

I am Ron Paul

I appreciate how this category

of story is labelled. It's the rest that's goofy about CNN, especially the TV version.

Defend Liberty!

In their honesty,

they have shed the cloak of deception.

In this way, people get what they think they're getting.

Good on CNN.

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