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Jack Cafferty asking if the people want change

I didn't see any RP supporters asking for change.

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I just submitted this:

I think people don’t vote for change because they do not know how to recognize it. The only way to ascertain which candidate would really bring about change, requires one to do independent research. Most people just take the news as it is delivered on TV and do not spend the time necessary to find out what is beyond the fluff stories. How about following the Constitution for a change, that’s my vote - Ron Paul.


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Ask that CNN lead the way to change by aksing to the top 15 questions listed on the politico site.


What I just wrote....Thanks for the heads up.

I know I want change.

How about following the Constitution for a change? How about keeping ALL of our income in our pockets instead of sending it Washington for a change? We were allowed to keep our income for well over 100 years.

How about bringing our military back to US soil for a change instead of stationing them in over 130 countries? What a nice change it would be to have our troops watching out for our country instead of others.

We can have all of this change if we elect the REAL choice for change, Ron Paul.


Are they editing out the RP comments/