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HYPOCRITES! Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Vote To Give Away Over a Billion Dollars To Ukraine

Is this the final nail in the coffin of the "Tea Party?"

These shysters ran on the promise that they were TRUE Conservatives, and DIFFERENT than their other establishment republican colleagues.

But here they are - business as usual.

And every bit as traitorous to our Republic as their other republican AND democrat friends.

Any hope we had for significant change in the republican party is gone. Only 2 republicans voted against aid to Ukraine (Paul and Heller).

Foreign aid to ANY country is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and TRAITOROUS. Yet we give it away (over 60 billion each year) like candy.

Meanwhile there are tax-paying Americans living in poverty, on the streets, uneducated, bridges and roads in disrepair and crumbling, ancient electrical grids, water supplies, dams etc.

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Me on Ralph Nader...

"Not a Libertarian".

He's an Indy

and to my knowledge, Nader never joined any political party. That was the problem with the Greens.. remember Ralph Nader and the Greens? The Green Party was one of seven third parties that nominated Nader (note that Libertarian Party never did even though Nader was working on ballot access and open debates.. instead Libertarian party has been nominating REPUBLICANS. The green party split over Nader.. now there is two.. Green Party USA that endorsed Nader and Green Party International that did not. And BTW, Nader gave me a beautiful parchment paper copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights as a gift he gave to volunteers like me that worked in several states for his petition. I don't agree with Nader 100%, but I sure love and respect the way he goes after government.

me on ralph nader, he has

me on ralph nader, he has never claimed to be one!

Ron Paul 2016

and he is

good friends with the elder paul. both men respect each other and have supported each other. a perfect example of libertarians and progressives coming together, like kucinich too who is even on the board of The Ron Paul Institute.

i don't know about kucinich but nader has already gone on record with a less than favorable take on paul jr.

I would vote

for Nader over Rand.

Nader never panders, we need that more from our government than Libertarianism right now.

Mike Lee slipped up. He

Mike Lee slipped up. He forgot about that skeleton in the closet. He grilled Holder about the meta-data and it was drug out. "Get back in line mister"! I never trusted Mr. Cruz in the first place...

These "conservatives" should be confronted....

Whether or not they truly support the military troops or not, it seems all politicians, at a minimum pay lip service to the troops. What I would like to point out to these so called conservatives, is that we have more than 100,000 homeless veterans in the US and a total homeless population around 770,000. Have any of these "conservatives" who feel it's our obligation to throw money at foreign countries ever been to a ghetto? How about an Indian reservation? I'm far from being a liberal, but for the love of God, we have so many issues and problems in this country that need to be dealt with. Instead of our government throwing billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel and others, they need to throw it at the states or better yet, just cut the damn spending and reduce corporate and personal income tax rates and reduce all the regulations and red tape in order to stimulate business growth and job opportunities for all Americans.

Agreed! Confront the rats...

How will they explain it when they promised not to do things like this?

Lee is a HypocRATe and so is Cruz.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Thats the point.

They are acting like Conservatives and they are Conservatives.
They are however, NOT Libertarians. Not wholly.
Liberals and Conservatives have long history of dolling out foreign welfare.

At this point, Rand is the

At this point, Rand is the closest thing we have to Ron Paul in the senate.

Small price to pay

for 35 tons of gold.

This isn't the first time Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have shown their true colors. We don't hear much from Mike Lee anymore, or for that matter Lindsey Graham. I wonder why?


No offence to anyone here, I don't intend to troll but

Anyone who thinks Ted Cruz is a viable libertarian or tea party republican is a fool.

Ted is bought and paid for. That will not change. Not now. Not in the future.

When he says something we like - it's appeasing.

Hold on a minute. Which TEA party???

We ARE the original TEA party...started on December 16th 2007 when we held the largest one day fund raiser in history on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party for Ron Paul. Remember?
I do. And I have pictures and video to prove it. We made up pre-addressed envelopes loaded with tea bags to simple stamp-and-mail to our worthless non-representatives across the nation long before TEA Party Patriots or the TEA Party Express ever pulled in to put air in the tire.
Sure...we saw the establishment neo-con RINO republican party hijacking of our TEA party movement. They saw a growing movement that they could manipulate maybe to help to rebuild their all but dead (after eight years of Bush) republican party. So they moved in, infiltrated, used and abused the movement to con a lot of well intentioned patriots wanting to do the "right" thing into supporting their candidates, their issues, legislation, and lobbyists desires. All while encouraging TEA party membership to run for office, but most of all to fill the void created by all the precinct chairs left empty by those fed up with the party that simply walked away in disgust, and never looked back. But we in turn acquired some of those empty seats and have been making use of the opportunity presented to us. And people got smarter. Free thinkers have filled some of those seats...and "they" don't like that. Too bad...so sad.
SO. They used it, abused it, and now they are coming after the real TEA party movement through the use of their lapdog mainstream media. They have named particular "owned" representatives as being "TEA party" when in fact we only have but a few true liberty representatives that WE did manage to get into office. We all know who they are. And here in Ohio the establishment Ohio republican party (ORP) is coming after every single one of those seats. All while demonizing the TAE party movement, and against the desire of the really good patriots that helped to get those people elected in the first place. The con continues. If they can no longer use the movement they intend to destroy it. Particularly when we take them on over such matters.
So again I ask. Which TEA party?
Because the TEA party movement I belong to will never die.
Get it?

And here in Ohio we are taking on the neo-con RINO faction of the republican party in many ways by supporting our true liberty candidates.
A national battle line has been drawn between establishment RINO LaTourette supported incumbent congressman Dave Joyce and our true liberty minded republican Matt Lynch who held a state representatives seat until the ORP decided to come after it by running Steve LaTourette's very own daughter for that state seat.
Matt had the nerve to stand up against increased taxes and spending, and against Kasich and his Medicaid expansion. Who by the way, when he could not get it passed through a republican super majority Ohio House and Senate, did an end around and simply got it approved by (get this) an appointed "Control Board" and signed it into law anyway. Can you smell the corruption yet? And some want to think Kasich should run for president? One break...coming up.
Read my prior posts on this HOT-HOT-HOT Ohio congressional race.



Matt Lynch For Congress
Ohio CD-14


Labels, labels...

I do not like the "tea-party", understanding that they have been co-opted in recent years. But if I had to define myself, I would say that I am a Liberty-Conservative.

I am the voice of the r3VOLution. That is something that they can never take away. Especially while Ron proudly displays it on his channel :-)

And for the record, I don't hear or see "tea-party" anywhere on Ron's site.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I call my self a

I call my self a Constitutional Conservative.

I can't believe this! I am completely shocked!


Cruz on back to Canada, Ted.

And don't let the gate hit you on the way out.

Are we ready to STAND WITH RAND yet?

We have nobody else worth talking about.


he was against

the aid part of the bill but he was all for the sanctions part. he's more aggressive about no aid than he is aggressive for sanctions.

read it for yourself

Paul said in a statement that he supported the provisions providing technical and security assistance to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. "However, I cannot support the bill because it will have the perverse impact of using American tax dollars to reward Russia," he said.





And "minus" votes mean NOTHING. They do NOTHING. ***Nice try***


But I just did.

NO! Is More Powerful.

If People Did That They Would Not Allow Themselves To Be Abused, Taken Advantage Of and Accept Crumbs.

And...Surprise: THEY CAN.


RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION http://youtu.be/FkvOdyG9d7Y

Wisdom Strategies

Both Cruz and Lee immediately

Both Cruz and Lee immediately visited Israel and/or met with Nutteryahoo right after being elected.

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

and you're not

even going to mention Rand's trip there with a bus full of evangelicals?



Everyone knew that but as time passes, it is good to remind new people.

The "tea party" was an off-shoot of The Ron Paul Revolution that was TAKEN OVER by NEO-CONS like Sarah Palin who started to speak favorably about Ron Paul WHEN IT BECAME OBVIOUS that bad-mouthing Ron Paul was NOT a good Political Strategy.

"Tea-Party" = FAKE Ron Paul Supporters (NEO-CONS in disguise).


Wisdom Strategies

I think...

You better scroll up and read the comment I just left.
We ARE the real TEA party. And the faux TEA party is falling away.
I don't care what we call it...the real Liber-TEA party will continue.
The REVOLUTION is alive and well and growing by the day.


Yes. However... There is a

Yes. However...

There is a lot of energy from the people of the Tea Party. Not the politicians mind you, but the actual people. These people are pissed off and motivated. They are our allies.

The tea party is realizing that Ron Paul was RIGHT...

But most of them are too prideful to ever admit it. Their way of kissing and making up is to throw their support behind Rand.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

there's still

that pesky foreign policy. they want small govt and lots of war and empire. clueless!

Rand wants a "little less aggressive foreign policy" do you think that will satisfy them?