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HYPOCRITES! Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Vote To Give Away Over a Billion Dollars To Ukraine

Is this the final nail in the coffin of the "Tea Party?"

These shysters ran on the promise that they were TRUE Conservatives, and DIFFERENT than their other establishment republican colleagues.

But here they are - business as usual.

And every bit as traitorous to our Republic as their other republican AND democrat friends.

Any hope we had for significant change in the republican party is gone. Only 2 republicans voted against aid to Ukraine (Paul and Heller).

Foreign aid to ANY country is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and TRAITOROUS. Yet we give it away (over 60 billion each year) like candy.

Meanwhile there are tax-paying Americans living in poverty, on the streets, uneducated, bridges and roads in disrepair and crumbling, ancient electrical grids, water supplies, dams etc.

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Fine so be it. Better now

Fine so be it. Better now than later and better late than never. Their support for Rand is a good thing. Time for a victory.

BS the tea party in RP first run was started to support him.

Then the Rothschild money stooges moved in and took it over. It was a RON PAUL TEA PARTY. Anyone who says otherwise is just stupid and a liar.

Now the tea party is just a branch of the Repugnatons.


Started because of RON PAUL so wake up and stop your lies.

the original TEA party...started on December 16th 2007 when we held the largest one day fund raiser in history on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party for Ron Paul.


you are right

snd then the GOP stole it from him, and then the nomination was stolen too; the rules changed at the last minute. they will steal and lie and do whatever it takes to defeat any libertarian thinking. rand was not even allowed to say the word in his RNC speech. it took the ballsy clint eastwood.

spread the libertarian message of ron paul, above all else!


The tea party has been a tratition for the Redman Society and Sons of Liberty since the Revolution that both claim to be part.

Redman society dresses as natives and Sons of Liberty dress in American revolution era uniorms and they play fifes and drums, give speaches and throw crates makes tea in the river. Here it's the Noyo River. A tratition since the 1850s. It was guite a wonderful satisfaction when tossing crates between 2001 and 2008 "Down with King George!" and thinking, "Bush".

Ron Pail accepted an invitation and it took off.. and was then co-opted by Hannity and is now shattered among caucases, organizations, PACs, and various groups calling themselves tea party something or other, and the same goes for Liberty.. Liberty this and Liberty that.

The Tea Party was not started to help Ron Paul!

The Ron Paul rEVOLution stopped one day to have tea, on 12-6-2007, and to raise $6.2M for the good doctor in one day. The modern day tea party folks, especially in the beginning, hated Ron Paul (for the most part).

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

There was no tea party until Ron Paul

Guess you will write you own history. The fact is the tea party sprung up when Ron Paul started his 2nd presidential bid in 2007 or so. Its all Ron Paul buddy. The so called modern tea party is not modern its sold out and as most opposition it was led back into the GOP.

Lets see who can shout louder.

Just because you say so dont make it real bud.


That's not true

Ron Paul attended a tea party and there was plenty of talk about that.. it was a very exciting period.. Annonymous, "V", Meet-ups doing different towns (That first Nashville Meet-up youtube was exceptionally well done.. bbq/ice tea/elvis and they got on the news.. banner making parties, outrage over the censorship "who is Ron Paul?".. there was a lot going on but one thing that I know no one in the rEVOLution who ever invited anyone to JOIN a tea party organization.. It was join the GOP and become a delegate!!!

Ron Paul attended a tea party and it was a huge hit and the next thing we know.. there's Hannity all about tea party and nothing to do with Ron Paul.. Tea Party formed by Hannity's crowd did not welcome Ron Paul supporters.. they didn't like Ron Paul's foreign policy, saw most as nothing but dope heads, hated our demonstrations at conventions.. Let the MSM corpobreauracracy have their tea party.

They've written books and Ron Paul is NOT part of their ESTABLISHED organization.

Do you understand? No one I know from the rEVOLution/DP organized a tea party caucus, pac, org.. we had meet-up.. remember?

The tea party Ron Paul was invited to was by two of the original fraternal organozations.. it was an HONOR. Let's keep the honor and lose this fabrcated tea party. Ron is a leader.. he gave someone a great idea and hannity tried to eliminate us with it.


What makes them hypocrites? Did they say they were against this kind of stuff?

And traitorous? Really? That's a low bar for traitor!

Don't get me wrong, I would have voted no but you're blowing it a little out of proportion.

It's NOT hyperbole and they ARE hypocrites because they...

...ran their campaigns as conservatives - fighting the establishment GOP, and bringing a new liberty-loving attitute to politics.

Which they never should have supported giving away ANY foreign aid - let alone a billion to Ukraine which will give it to Russia.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I do not think that word means what you think it means


And this is right in line with their publicly stated beliefs. I'm not sure why you're so surprised.

Is it Cruz and Lee's Money... NO

I have warned everybody I can, and will not stop, this Cruz is Canadian, and Lee is a pretender. These are people that cannot be trusted to not proceed from their interests. Rand on the other hand is a patriot, and so was his father.

My only regret thus far is

My only regret thus far is that Rand hasn't turned Hannity into a piñata.


They just show it is easy to give way our money, to a country with a questionable government, that the CIA and our government have been tampering with. It is hard to know which people are the good guys!

I heard they were taking the money from the Food Stamp program.

Has anyone heard or read this?

How did Ron Paul describe foreign aid?

"Taking money away from poor people in this country, only to give it to rich people in a foreign country".
Too bad we can't track that billion dollars and see exactly where and who it gos to.

Ron and Rand Paul

Ron and Rand have both said this quote "It takes money from poor people in rich countries and gives it to rich people in poor countries".


If we tracked that money we would find it going to RUSSIA!

Rand explained to the committee which crafted the bill that since Ukraine owes Russia over 20 billion dollars, you can be sure any money we give Ukraine WILL end up in Russia.

Maybe it's payback to Putin for saving Obama's ass in Syria.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


We're making progress but it's going to take a generation, or total collapse to get to our end goal. Yet another failed intervention/bribe/sanctions game and more will come our way. They just keep doing it over and over again!

I Saw Lee On TV Recently (Probably On Fox)

And he was speaking very hawkishly about Iran.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

What low information voters

What low information voters do is make decisions based on headlines and 10 second sound bytes. This is an example. I hope we are better than this. No link, no reference. It wouldn't surprise me much to learn it's exactly as described, but sometimes this could mean they voted for $1B instead of $2B, and next time they will vote for $500M instead of $1B.

Unliked them and wrote on

Unliked them and wrote on their FB wall...

That'll show em!

That'll show em!

SteveMT's picture

In the Senate, the Tea Party has been reduced to one.

By their votes, you will know them.

Cruz doesn't surprise me...

he's a neocon and can spin this as fighting for freedom and democracy; Lee, I'd be interested in hearing what he has to say about his vote.

I didn't even

know those two guys had a billion dollars between them.

Defend Liberty!

Yes, how nice of them to

Yes, how nice of them to volunteer their fortunes to "help" another country with their problems. Good for them.

That's funny!

If it was their money they many not be so quick to give it away, it's always easier to give away other peoples money.