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Classic moments: Ed Schultz gets owned on his hypocrisy (video)

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Bush Rhetoric

Right , left, liberal, conservative... they all read the same MIC script.

Ed doesn't let

truth get in the way of his constructed narrative.

He hates it when those pesky facts get in the way.

This Ruined My Night

Ed Putz: "Whether or not we arms Rebels, Freedom Fighters, whatever you want to call them"

Notice how he left out the Al Qaeda title option? Just like all other western mainstream networks that referred to the "rebels" as rebels, instead of Al Qaeda.

Ed Putz: "Look, I am a liberal, I am a progressive"

No, you are a left-wing NeoCon on MSNBC Obama Channel.

Ed Putz: "Qaddafi is a terrorist"

Translation: we have to support Al Qaeda in its overthrow of Qaddafi. We have to side with Al Qaeda because "Qaddafi is a terrorist."

I feel sorry for folks who watch MSNBC but are too dumb to realize they're too dumb to realize.

I could only watch half before I vomited on my keyboard.

Mr. Ed with a twist - A horse that talks out the other end.


Leges sine moribus vanae

Those are facts!

Mr Ed: uh...uh...um...duh..I support obama. Like arguing with a six year old.


Makes me smile.

SteveMT's picture

Like arguing with a rock.

"Owned" is an understatement. Thanks.