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Needs Immediate Action

I have been leaving this message on forums for the past few days, it reads.

"Donate to the money bomb tomorrow!! lets send a message going into super tues! GO RP, he's our only hope for true change."

I have received feedback that people want to donate but do not know where to do it. people are thanking me for leading them to the donation location. yes, it may seem stupid that folks don't know how to work a search engine, however, we need their money and support. Here is one of the responses I received.

"Where, how do I donate? Please inform. I am a 30 year Veteran of USSOCOM - U.S. Naval Special Warfare - (DEVGRU) Veterans For Paul


Lets post as many messages on youtube, etc.. as possible to help these people find us. I'll donate 2 hours today to postings

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