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Really, Really Cool Bread Recipe

This is a must see, a Watermelon raisin bread that would be a big hit, I hate cooking but this is so cool I am almost tempted to make it.



This lady is really talented.

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I saw this one after I watched. Would make really good gifts.

It's definitely brilliant.



that's all
this is cool
the deer one, too

eta;oops, beer

Home made easy beer bread

3 cups self rising floud
third cup of sugar
1 12 oz bottle warm beer

350 oven 45 -50 min

I also add apple sauce to replace some of the sugar.
Genesee Cream Ale is the best beer for the bread, if you use other beers, use some honey as well as the apple sauce.

You can use "full strength" soda to replace the beer.

It is a recipe we may need to have bread.

Thank you thank you thank you!

My dad made beer bread all the time when I was a kid. I had forgotten about it until I saw some "Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread Mix" at my grocery store. We bought a package and it was delicious, but we don't normally buy any kind of food in boxes unless it's pasta, so I was planning to look up a good recipe. Long story short..forgot and now you reminded me AND gave me an easy recipe!! Thank you!


I am not into cooking but I think I am getting inspired. That looks like a super easy recipe.

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she is a culinary artist! What fun. She makes it looks so easy too!

Funy, I was just being creative in the kitchen. I decided to make peanut butter cookies with candied fruit. Yum.

I chuckled at one point looking at her "Yoyomama" I thought, she could have been "Wato melon" Melon Mama.. and then I thought how cute she would look in a VW bug painted like a watermelon

I googled images of watermelons.. OMG! LOL

Thank you for sharing this inspiring work from a very creative gifted baker.



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That looks so cool QS

If you do end up making it, I hope you take some pics and share them.

I might try sometime next week also.

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